A man in a white soccer jersey is preparing to do a cross with the soccer ball

How to Cross a Soccer Ball

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Crossing the ball in soccer is an essential skill, and not just for a winger to possess. All positions on the field need to be able to cross a soccer ball properly, and there is a technique to doing it well. ​Why is Crossing the Soccer Ball Important ​A recent analysis of every goal scored ... Read more
Man in a white top is preparing to receive the soccer ball

How to Get Better at Soccer

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​Soccer, or football (depending on what part of the world you’re in), is one of the most popular sports worldwide. No matter if you are younger or trying out the sport at an old, ripe age, you can still find something that you love about it. With hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of players around ... Read more
A group of kids in jerseys holding a soccer ball with their feet

11 Shooting Drills for Soccer

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​There are so many skills in soccer that require practice, but perhaps the most prominent and prolific is shooting. While it can be often be over-emphasized on a soccer team, the value of having proficient and clinical goal scorers on a soccer team is unparalleled. Shooting drills for both individual soccer players and soccer teams ... Read more
A man just did a flying kick trick with a white soccer ball

The 5 Traits That Make Up a Good Soccer Player

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To succeed as a soccer player, you have to have an interesting and somewhat complex blend of traits. While soccer is an extremely active sport, requiring a high degree of fitness, you also have to be proficient with the ball. Beyond these areas, though, are several more, including your mental fortitude and team commitment. We ... Read more
Top view of an green field with players in position

An Overview of Indoor Soccer Positions and Formations

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Although you may think of indoor soccer as merely pickup recreational or pickup, it still has strategy and positioning. If you are playing in an indoor soccer league or are coaching one, you know that succeeding requires good organization and cohesion. Especially if you are working with young children, it’s important that you brief ALL ... Read more
Two men one in red, one in white are going after the white soccer ball

A Guide to Determining What Soccer Position To Play

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It’s a big decision when you’re deciding which position you should play—especially when you’re new at soccer. The position you’re playing can highly affect your experience of playing soccer as a whole. If you end up playing one unsuitable for you or your personality, it might stagger your love for the game. ​What Soccer Position ... Read more
Girl in a red jersey top and white shorts juggles a white and yellow soccer ball

Soccer Drills To Do By Yourself

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To improve in soccer means to practice. However, to practice doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do so only when you have team sessions. As a matter of fact, that’s what most everyone else settles for: only practicing at organized team functions. There are so many different soccer techniques you can work with on ... Read more
Two women fighting over the soccer ball with one about to kick the ball to the goal

How to Play Forward in Soccer

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If you find yourself up top, ready to score goals and take no prisoners, you probably play forward. Although the position may seem pretty straightforward (score goals), with all the different formations out there, choosing a style of play can get confusing. Since a forward’s responsibilities can change from team to team, knowing how to ... Read more
Girl in an orange soccer jersey is bouncing the soccer ball with her head

How to Head a Soccer Ball

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Heading is one of the first basic skills you are often taught—even at a young age. It’s an important concept to learn correctly, especially since doing it improperly can lead to injuries. Not only is heading an extremely important skill to use—whether you’re attacking or defending, but when done correctly, it can be a total ... Read more
Man in a green longsleeved jersey an ddark pants is about to kick the soccer ball

How Fast Can You Kick a Soccer Ball?

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Having a powerful soccer kick can help you and your team in many areas. Powerful shots, combined with accuracy, have a much higher chance of scoring. In addition, the harder you kick the ball, the further it goes. This allows you to be a huge asset on passes and free kicks. Kicking a soccer ball ... Read more
Red soccer cleats and a white soccer ball on grass

The Guide to What to Wear to Soccer Practice

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Youth soccer is one of the best ways that you can get your child to be active and socialize with peers who have the same interests at the same time. It helps that you don’t have to look far and wide to know what to wear to soccer practice. For a beginner, basic apparel will ... Read more
Soccer team huddled over for a meeting pre game in the field

How to Prepare for a Soccer Game

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It doesn’t matter what sort of level you or your child plays in, preparing for a soccer game is serious business. You need to have all the equipment and gear ready for the game. You also need to be warmed up physically enough to compete at your best potential. Whatever your pre-game ritual might look ... Read more