How to Play Center Mid in Soccer

Ongoing soccer match with one defensive player

Normally regarded as one of the most skillful, intelligent, and in-shape players on the pitch, the center mid position has pretty big shoes to fill—especially when looking at the history of superstar players who have laced their cleats on and played in that position. Whether you are just starting soccer now or are looking into …

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How to Get Fit For Soccer

Two women soccer players running to kick the soccer ball

An essential aspect of soccer is fitness. You have to have a high amount of endurance to last 90 minutes on a field, transitioning between jogging to sprinting at full speed. As a dynamic sport that requires strength, explosive power, and cardiovascular fitness, soccer also demands a balance between athleticism and creativity. Getting fit for …

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How to Cross a Soccer Ball

Man preparing to kick the soccer ball

Crossing the ball in soccer is an essential skill, and not just for a winger to possess. All positions on the field need to be able to cross a soccer ball properly, and there is a technique to doing it well. ​Why is Crossing the Soccer Ball Important ​A recent analysis of every goal scored …

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How to Get Better at Soccer

Man in white soccer jersey stepping on a soccer ball with his left leg

​Soccer, or football (depending on what part of the world you’re in), is one of the most popular sports worldwide. No matter if you are younger or trying out the sport at an old, ripe age, you can still find something that you love about it. With hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of players around …

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11 Shooting Drills for Soccer

A group of kids in jerseys holding a soccer ball with their feet

​There are so many skills in soccer that require practice, but perhaps the most prominent and prolific is shooting. While it can be often be over-emphasized on a soccer team, the value of having proficient and clinical goal scorers on a soccer team is unparalleled. Shooting drills for both individual soccer players and soccer teams …

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