Do Adidas Volleyball Shoes Run Big?

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While Mizuno is the frontrunner in volleyball shoes, Adidas isn’t that far behind. If you are planning to buy Adidas volleyball shoes online, you want to make sure that they are the right size for you. This begs the question, do Adidas volleyball shoes run big? 

Do Adidas Volleyball Shoes Run Big?

Most of Adidas’ volleyball shoes run big. Almost every Adidas shoes run big whether it be for basketball, volleyball, or other types of sport. I recommend that you check the size chart when buying Adidas shoes, try them out first, or buy one size down.

Know the steps on how to measure your feet for Adidas shoes

If you are planning to buy Adidas volleyball shoes, make sure to check the customer reviews first before deciding on what size to pick. The reviews might tell you to pick one size down because the volleyball shoes run big. 

You might also go half a size up if you are planning on wearing ankle braces. You can also give the Adidas volleyball shoe some time to loosen up by wearing them with no ankle braces. Make sure that the volleyball shoes fit comfortably on your feet.  

Why Do Adidas Shoes Run Big?

Adidas does not produce all of their shoes to run big. While Adidas’ volleyball shoes run big, Adidas tennis shoes run true to size. However, when they make specific signature line shoes, it tends to deviate from the regular size trend of their shoes.

How Should Volleyball Shoes Fit?

Your volleyball shoes should be able to move with your foot. Your foot should also not move inside your volleyball shoes either.

Make sure the volleyball shoes fit snugly. It doesn’t have to be the exact fit so you should leave a finger width of space between your toes and tip of the shoes. This makes the volleyball shoes comfortable to wear on the court and breathable so air can get out. 

Competing teams trying to block the volleyball in a match

Do Adidas Shoes Run Bigger than Nike?

Compared to Nike, most Adidas shoes run bigger by an average of 5 millimeters. Nike is an American company while Adidas is a German company so there are bound to have size differences. 

Adidas shoes use different size charts on their website for their shoes like:

  • UK size
  • EU size
  • JP (centimeter) size
  • US size

Nike only uses the US standard shoe size. While having many size charts can be confusing, Adidas somehow makes their most of their shoes uniform in all size charts. This probably explains why most of their shoes run big.  

How Can You Measure Your Feet for Adidas Shoes?

To make sure you buy the correct shoes for your feet, you should measure your foot. Compare it to Adidas’s size chart and look up reviews if it runs big, true to size, or small. You can measure your feet simply by:

  1. Set a piece of paper on the floor
  2. Place your foot on the paper
  3. Trace your foot using a pen or pencil
  4. Mark the tip of your longest toe. Some people don’t have the first toe as the longest one. Some call it Morton’s toe where the second toe is the longest one. 
  5. Mark the heel of the foot on your drawing.  
  6. Measure from the heel to your longest toe. You can choose inches and centimeters as Adidas have both measurement conversions.  
Players on an ongoing volleyball game

If you find it hard for you to do alone, you can always ask for assistance. You also give a bit of clearance or not too perfectly trace your feet. Remember, that you are also going to wear socks so you should allocate extra space for it on your feet. 

How Long Will Adidas Volleyball Shoes Last?

How Often You Wear ThemHow Long Will They Last
Daily1 or 2 years
2 or 3 days a week2 years
No useIf you don’t use them, they can deteriorate faster than 2 years

If you use your volleyball shoes for practice and actual games at least 4 to 5 days a week, you can expect it to last one full season. If you play on an unmaintained and dirty court, it might not even last you a full season. Avoid wearing them on rough surfaces and only use them for volleyball courts if they’re the only pair you have. 

Adidas shoes generally are durable so wearing them casually outdoors you can expect that it will last you for over a year. If you take care of your volleyball shoes properly then it might even last you for 3 more years. 

The most common indicator that your volleyball shoes are wearing out is when the sides by the ankle feel weaker. You would feel that it isn’t as tight on your feet as before. It would actually feel uncomfortable playing in them. 

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Adidas volleyball shoes.

Should Volleyball Shoes Be Tight or Loose?

Your volleyball shoes should not be too tight, or too loose. If they are too tight they can cause blisters on your toes. On the other hand, if they are too loose, they can be difficult to move with, causing you to trip.

What Shoes Do USA Volleyball Players Wear?

USA volleyball players are sponsored by Adidas, meaning they only use Adidas shoes. As to which model they use, they are free to wear any model as long as it is provided by Adidas.

Are Volleyball Shoes Different From Regular Shoes?

Yes, volleyball shoes are very different from regular shoes. They have outsoles with much more traction than normal shoes. On top of that, they have more cushion, improving shock absorption and comfiness.


Most Adidas volleyball shoes run big in size. If you are wearing an ankle brace then going true to size may be practical. If you are planning to buy Adidas volleyball shoes, make sure that you check customer reviews on what the sizing is.

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