DREAM PAIRS Fashion Soccer Shoes Review

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If you are looking to buy an affordable pair of soccer cleats that gives you the best value for your money, this Dream Pairs Fashion Soccer Shoes review is for you. I’ll break down some of the features that make this cleat stand out and why they might or might not be a good option for you.

DREAM PAIRS Fashion Soccer Shoes Review

If there is one thing that the Dream Pairs brand is known for, it is the affordability of their products. Their Fashion Soccer Shoes are no different. It is not the only thing that separates this pair of cleats from the plethora of others in the market. 


  • Sock-like ankle liner that’s great for flat feet
  • Rounded toe for precise dribbling
  • Cushioned insole for added comfort
  • Engineered internal and back heel support system


  • Synthetic material instead of leather on the outsole
  • Rubber soles that are bad for hard turf due to durability

DREAM PAIRS Soccer Shoes – Features and Benefits

Great comfort and fitGreat for wide, and flat feet
LightweightImproves mobility
TractionImproves agility, support, and stability
Great touching, passing and shootingImproves ball control
DurabilityGood reliability, and comfort
DesignCatchy design

Dream Pairs gives you plenty of reasons why you should add this pair to your soccer arsenal. However, like any other product, there are also a few compromises that might make you pause and look the other way. 

In this review, I’ll explain why Fashion Soccer Shoes might be a good fit for and why you might want to consider other options. 

Comfort and Fit

If you have flat feet, this pair will particularly find a soft spot in your heart. The shape of the insole contours well with your foot for maximum comfort while the back cradles your heel for optimum grip. 

These shoes are great for overpronated feet, with the collar reaching further up the ankles for needed support. You won’t feel curtailed in them, as you make quick turns and blistering runs when playing.

The shoe’s arch support isn’t too high as to result in foot pain or too low to be ineffectual.

Reinforcement on the rounded toe prevents it from collapsing in on itself, reducing the likelihood of injuries when someone steps on you. The reinforcement also ensures the shoe is in prime position, where you can take a shot without feeling any pain on your toes.

Weight and Size

A heavy pair of cleats will only drain your energy and reduce your effectiveness on the field. The Dream Pairs Fashion Soccer Shoes boast of lightweight synthetic materials to ensure that you can comfortably run at full speed. 

The no-frills and timeless design show just how much the manufacturer focused on effectiveness as opposed to aesthetics. This minimalist design keeps the necessary materials to a bare minimum. As a result, strikers will love the lightweight feel of the boots when bearing down on goal, unlike the PUMA King Allround Soccer Cleat.

DREAM PAIRS Fashion soccer shoes

If you have wide feet, you will find this pair handy since they have a roomy toe box. On the other hand, if your feet are narrow, you might want to order a size down to avoid getting a pair that doesn’t fit. 


Thanks to the rubber molded cleats, you get optimum stability on grass and dirt surfaces. Additionally, the rotational spike configuration of the cleats adds stability and grip to the ground. This helps you run fast and take sharp cuts without slipping.

The Dream Pairs Fashion Soccer shoes are ideal for kids as well since they have soft cleats less prone to danger, just like the Vizari Stealth FG Soccer Shoe. Pro players also like the rubber cleats because they are applicable in a variety of surfaces, and you can instantly change your running direction, unlike those that are metal or plastic. The anti-skid outsole ensures stability on surfaces like damp or dry natural grass and synthetic turfs.

Many people complain about rubber cleats not being as durable as plastic or metal ones. However, that’s not something you should worry about since Dream Pairs use very durable rubber to make the spikes.

What’s more, the rubber spikes don’t produce annoying sounds on hard floors. With better traction on most surfaces, you can wriggle past defenders with relative ease in these boots.

Touching, Passing and Shooting

With these cleats, you can expect your overall in-game performance to improve. The rounded toe design allows for better ball control from wide angles while the stretchy mesh wraps your ankle for a more confident maneuverability.

In addition, these soccer shoes employ a lacing design that offers a wider strike zone compared to many other boots. There is also a padded footbed with built-in orthopedics that guarantees long term comfort for your feet while playing.

The cleats are well-padded so you can easily control a long pass without being injured. The upper and tongue are just thick enough to enable you to enjoy the satisfying feel on the ball as you kick.


While the  Dream Pairs Fashion Soccer shoes don’t use leather, I found them to last long enough. 

The upper part of these Fashion Soccer shoes is a combination of premium materials for durability. While they don’t consist of leather, they can last for a pretty long time. The material is also waterproof and really easy to maintain, unlike the ANLUKE Athletic Hightop Cleats.

Additionally, the cleats will be able to keep your feet dry in wet or humid terrain. The rubber soles which offer excellent stability last well into the boot’s lifetime. Additionally, you can repair these boots quite easily, thanks to their orthodox design.


Dream Paris has always been design conscious and the Fashion soccer shoe does not disappoint. So, if you are looking for cleanly designed cleats that won’t break your budget, this shoe will be a great pick.

The boots design sticks to the fundamentals, ensuring optimal passing and dribbling.

The design is catchy and attention-grabbing. You can choose from five different color combinations to suit your style. 

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about DREAM PAIR Fashion Soccer cleats

Are Dream Pairs Cleats Durable?

It depends on how much you use them on a daily basis. Although these cleats can withstand a lot of use, they can start deteriorating quite fast. For instance, if you use them every day to train and play matches, they will break after 2 to 3 months.

Are Dream Pairs Cleats Good for Wide Feet?

Yes, Dream Pairs are great cleats for people with wider feet. This is because of the insole design that allows more space in the middle of the shoe. This makes it much more comfortable for athletes with wide feet, and even flat feet.

How Long Does It Take for Dream Pairs to Break In?

Although Dream Pairs are not made of a material that adjusts to your feet, these cleats don’t take too long to break in. All you have to do is use them a couple of times while training, and they will mold to your feet over time.


Despite being an affordable pair of cleats, Dream Pairs did not resort to cutting corners when making their fashion soccer shoes. This pair offers exceptional performance, comfort, and decent traction. The fact that Dream Paris did not make this shoe from leather might, however, be a turn off for soccer lovers looking for uncompromised durability.

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