How to Spin a Volleyball on Your Finger

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Spinning volleyball on your finger is a fun activity. The best thing about this trick is that anyone can learn it with practice. However, it’s important to follow the right technique to learn how to spin a volleyball on your finger.

This article discusses a detailed step-by-step guide that will help you learn to spin a volleyball on your finger correctly.  

How to Spin a Volleyball on Your Finger

Use the following steps to learn and master the skill of spinning a volleyball on your finger.

A woman showing how to spin a volleyball on your finger

Step 1: Grab the Ball Correctly

The first step is to grab the volleyball correctly using your dominant hand. You’ll need to make sure that the ball doesn’t rest on your entire hand. Instead, grab it using your finger pads and there should be about a one-inch distance between the ball and your palm.

It’ll allow you to control the ball efficiently while giving it a spin. Otherwise, it’ll easily slip and fall on the ground. All your fingers should be equal distance apart except the thumb. In addition, you’ll need to keep your elbow just above your hip so that the ball doesn’t go above your chest.

Step 2: Practice the Hand Movement

Once you have learned to grab the ball correctly, you’ll need to practice hand movement. First, you need to make sure that the front side of your wrist is facing you. This way, you’ll be able to see some part of your palm beneath the ball.

If you’re right-handed, you’ll need to twist your hand in a counterclockwise direction. But if you’re left-handed you’ll need to twist your hand clockwise. After twisting, the backside of your hand will be facing you.

Keep holding the ball as you twist your hand and perform this movement at least 50 times. It will help you to control the ball while twisting. In addition, it’ll also make the muscles of your hand stronger that you need to use for spinning the ball on your finger.

Step 3: Practice Spinning the Ball

The next step is to learn the right technique to spin the ball. You’ll need to use the same technique mentioned in the previous step. But instead of holding the ball, you’ll need to push it upwards a little by giving it a twist using your fingers.

The ball should spin horizontally. You don’t want to spin it in any other direction because it won’t allow you to spin it on your finger.

Start the push as you begin to twist your hand and let go of the ball at the end of the twisting motion. The ball will start spinning in the air and you’ll need to catch it using the same hand as it comes down. Make sure that you perform this at least 100 times.

It’ll allow you to learn to push the ball correctly so that it goes straight up rather than going left or right.

A player trying to spin the volleyball

Step 4: Practice the Arm Motion

Now you’ll need to perform the same drill mentioned in the last step but by including the arm motion. Grab the ball using the same technique in front of your chest. Start moving your arm and hand in the right (or left if you’re left-handed) as well as upward direction as you twist your hand.

You’ll need to let go of the ball when your wrist has reached the height of your shoulder. After that, grab the ball as it comes down and repeat this drill 50 to 100 times. Performing this step is important to make your arm muscles stronger. It’ll help you keep the spinning ball on your finger.

Step 5: Tap and Catch

After learning the right method to twist your hand, move your arm, and spin the ball, you’ll need to practice the tap and catch drill. All the rules remain the same but you’ll need to tap the ball using the tip of your index finger before catching it.

Trim the nail of your finger before doing this to avoid injury. You’ll need to make sure that you tap the ball by keeping your finger vertically straight. In addition, the backside of your finger should be facing you. You’ll also need to move your finger downward slowly while touching the ball. It’ll allow you to guide the ball down on your finger.

Try to keep the ball spinning on your finger for at least one second before catching it, if possible. Don’t get frustrated because the ball will fall repeatedly and you’ll need to catch it. Your aim is to learn how to balance the spinning ball on your finger and performing this dill will allow you to achieve that. make sure that you practice tap and catch for 50 to 100 times.

Important Note: You don’t want the ball to reach the height of more than one foot from your hand. Otherwise, it’ll come down with more speed and you won’t be able to balance it.

Step 6: Balance the Ball

If you perform all the drills mentioned above properly, you’ll be able to balance the spinning ball on your finger for a few seconds. At this stage, you’ll only need to practice as much as possible to master the skill.

The key is to place your index finger right in the bottom middle of the ball. It’s the place where your finger won’t need to move due to the volleyball’s spin. Keeping your finger in this position will also keep the ball’s weight evenly distributed from all sides.

A man showing how to spin a volleyball on your finger

Step 7: Create a Faster Spin

You’ll learn to keep the ball on your fingertip for as long as it’s spinning. In order to create a faster spin, you’ll need to use the fingertips of your non-dominant hand. When the ball is slowing down, slap or graze the edge of the ball in the direction of the spin. 

Make sure that you don’t slap too hard or the ball will fall off your finger. Using this method will not only help you to spin the volleyball on your finger but you use it with a soccer ball and basketball as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is the list of the most frequently asked questions about how to spin a volleyball on your finger?

Is it Difficult to Spin a Volleyball On Your Finger?

Spinning a volleyball on your finger will be difficult if you don’t follow the right technique. It’s one of those tricks that anyone can learn. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll need to perform a lot of practice to learn and master this trick.

What Finger Should You Spin a Volleyball On?

Most people use their index fingers to balance the spinning volleyball. However, you can also use your middle finger for the same purpose. According to research, the middle finger is the strongest one followed by the index. So, you can spin a volleyball on any of these fingers.

Can You Use This Method To Spin Basketball?

Yes, you can use this method to spin a basketball on your finger. But you need to bear in mind that a standard basketball is a lot heavier than a standard volleyball. So, you’ll need to perform more practice to balance it on your finger.

Final Words

You can learn to spin a volleyball on your finger within a few days. You just need to make sure that you practice daily and follow the correct technique. We hope this guide will help you learn this trick to impress your family and friends.

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