How to Stop Spanx Shorts from Rolling Up

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Spanx shorts are a wonderful clothing item. They shape you up by smoothing out your silhouette under close-fitting apparel. However, they can be pretty annoying when they start rolling up, and you constantly need to adjust them.

It will make you feel uncomfortable, and the aesthetic will be ruined if you constantly have to adjust your Spanx shorts. That’s where this guide comes into place. It contains several methods to help you learn how to stop Spanx shorts from rolling up.

How to Stop Spanx Shorts from Rolling Up

The following are some of the best ways to keep your Spanx shorts in place.

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Wear the Right Size Spanx Shorts

Wearing the wrong size Spanx shorts is one of the most common reasons behind the rolling-up problem. The tighter the fit of your shorts, the more they’ll roll up, and wearing a loose product won’t shape you up the way you want.

So, it’s important to make sure that you wear the correct size shorts. If you don’t know your actual size, use the tailor’s tape to measure it. Then compare the measurement with the size guide for Spanx to buy the right size shorts.

Use Fabric Glue

Using fabric glue or a mixture of cornstarch and water can be helpful to get rid of the rolling-up problem. All you need to do is apply the fabric glue to the hems of your Spanx shorts and let them dry for 30 to 40 minutes. It’ll add weight to your shorts and make the hems a little stiff for a tighter grip to prevent them from rolling up.

If you don’t have fabric glue, you can also use a paste made of cornstarch and water for the same purpose. It’s important to note that the solution will be a little starchy, which some people find somewhat uncomfortable.

Use Silicone Caulk

The clear silicone caulk is the same material that people use to seal cracks around windows, tubs, and showers. This material becomes a little rubbery when it dries, and that’s you can apply it to the hems of your Spanx shorts.

The rubbery properties of the clear silicone caulk will increase the grip of the shorts on your thighs to keep them from rolling up. The best thing about this solution is that it’s affordable and readily available. However, you should apply this material to your shorts in a well-ventilated area because it has some odd-smelling fumes (in the non-dried form).

Important Note: Make sure that you wear your Spanx shorts once the silicone caulk is thoroughly dried. Otherwise, it might lead to a skin allergy or irritation. It usually takes up to 24 hours to dry, but I recommend you read the product’s user manual to find the exact duration.

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Sew Elastic

Sewing elastic on the inside of the hems of your Spanx shorts will also prevent them from rolling up. The elastic will work as a holder and make the hems tighter to keep them in place. It’s the best solution for people who have thin thighs. However, sewing elastic in the traditional way will create the pantaloon effect.

If you don’t like that effect, you can also attach the elastic to the inside without stretching it out. This way, the hems of your Spanx shorts will not gather as the elastic will not make them tighter. Instead, it’ll add weight to the hems and stiffen them to keep them from rolling up.

Important note: If you don’t know how to sew, consider using fabric glue to attach elastic to the hems of your Spanx shorts.

Use Spray

Using a spray on your thighs is one of the most efficient and effective ways of preventing your Spanx shorts from rolling up. It will help the fabric of your shorts stay in its place. Additionally, you don’t need to buy a specialized product for skin because you can use a simple hairspray.

Hairspray is more than just a tool to keep your hair in place. Athletes have long been using this trick from all over the world to keep their shorts and other clothing items from rolling up. It’s most popular among gymnasts as they use it to keep their leotards from rolling/riding up while performing their twists and jumps, as well as women who play volleyball.

All you need to do is apply a layer of hairspray on your thighs, and that’s about it. In addition, you can use products for the same purpose such as:

  • Talcum powder
  • Anti-chafing gel

Attach Polyester/Cotton Boning

You can add polyester boning to the inner seam of your Spanx shorts to keep them straight. These stripes will keep the shorts from rolling up and prevent visible lines that Spanx shorts can make.

The polyester boning is not the metal or whalebone stays of the yesteryear used with bodices. Instead, it’s a soft and flexible option made of thin nylon enclosed in soft cotton/polyester fabric to prevent chafing.

You only need to vertically sew the boning to both the inner sides of your Spanx shorts to keep them from rolling up. You can also add flexible boning to the hems of your shorts for the same purpose, and it will be more comfortable than having a ridged seam in the inner sides of your shorts.

However, adding the boning to hems can lead to rubbing, which can be extremely annoying. I recommend you experiment by taping or pinning the boning. Then try your shorts to see which sewing method works better for you before committing.

Never Dress in a Hurry

Dress completely dryDress right after a bath
Take your time dressingDress after exercising
Dress relaxedGet too stressed if the short doesn’t fit

To make sure that your Spanx shorts sit correctly on your body, your body should be completely dry while dressing up. It’s also important to make sure that your body isn’t too hot because it can also lead shorts to roll up.

Therefore, you must not wear your Spanx shorts right after getting out of the shower when your skin is wet or even damp. Instead, give yourself enough time and let your skin cool off and dry before dressing up. It’ll keep your shorts in place, and you won’t need to go through the hassle of adjusting them repeatedly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most common questions people ask about preventing Spanx shorts from rolling up:

Why Do Spanx Shorts Roll Up?

The most common cause of Spanx shorts rolling up is wearing Spanx shorts that do not fit properly. Therefore, you should always buy and wear the proper size of Spanx shorts or leggings.

You should also avoid wearing Spanx shorts when your body is too hot or damp, as this can also cause rolling-up.

What is the Easiest Way to Keep Spanx Shorts from Rolling Up?

The simplest way to keep your Spanx shorts from rolling up is to use hairspray. All you need to do is spray hairspray on your thighs before putting on your shorts, and that’s it.

This method is used by athletes all over the world because it is effective and convenient.

Should Spanx Be Hard to Put On?

Yes, since Spanx is supposed to be a material that fits very tight, it can be hard to put on. However, if you are having a bad time trying to put on your Spanx shorts, you should try other sizes.

Final Words

Rolling up the Spanx shorts can be extremely annoying during a set game, and it can also put you in an embarrassing situation. I hope this guide will help you understand easy ways to keep your Spanx shorts from rolling up and avoid the discomfort this problem brings.

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.