How to Wear Basketball Shoes with Shorts

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Basketball shoes are popular even off the court. Classic basketball shoes like Chuck Taylor’s and Jordan’s have become more of fashion wear rather than basketball shoes. If you’re wondering how to weal basketball shoes with shorts, don’t worry. You can wear almost any type of clothing and basketball shoes will fit right in even on shorts. 

How to Wear Basketball Shoes with Shorts

You can’t just pair any shorts and basketball shoes. It should have the right combination to make you look more attractive. Most people wear shorts during summertime to keep themselves cool from the summer heat. 

If you want to wear basketball shoes with shorts for fashion, then wear outdoor basketball shoes as they have a harder outsole and will last you a lot longer compared to indoor basketball shoes that have non-marking softer soles. 

Man wearing shorts carrying a pair of basketball shoes

If your basketball shoes are eye-catching, you might want to tone down the rest of your outfit so your sneakers will be the highlight. Wearing everything too flashy only warrants the sort of attention that you don’t want (you might end up looking like a Halloween costume). 

What Shorts Do You Wear with Basketball Shoes?

Not all types of shorts go well with basketball shoes. Pairing shorts with the right basketball shoe design will help you not to stand out too much and look weird. There are a proper place and time when you should wear a specific combination of shorts and basketball shoes. 

You can wear basketball shoes with shorts for everyday use. Below are some commonly worn shorts and we’ll explain how they pair up with basketball shoes. Explore the popular combination trend of basketball shoes and shorts. 

Wide and Long Shorts

A wide and long style of shorts goes great with a bulky pair of basketball shoes. This type of fashion was popularized by the 90s and early 2000s hip-hop artists, rappers, and even rock bands. 

This fashion style is great for people with bulky or wide body frame. If you’re a really thin guy then this look may not fit you properly. 

As a sample combination pair, the Yeokou Loose Hip Hop Cropped Jeans Work Denim Shorts with a pair of Nike AIR Jordan Legacy 312 Basketball Shoes and a plus size shirt will give you that hip hop look. 

Short Shorts

Short shorts usually exhibit a sporty look. You can pair them up with classy high top basketball shoes that scream attention. High-top basketball shoes will make up for the short length of your shoes in the leg. 

You can also wear lengthy socks to make up for the extra length of the legs. Depending on the combination, you can look classy or sporty with short shorts. 

A great combination for short shorts is the BALEAF Men’s 3 Inches Running Shorts paired with Adidas Men’s Ultimate Bball shoes. This combination offers a great sleek and sporty look good for casual wear. Another combination is Goodthreads 5 inches Inseam Pull-on Canvas shorts and Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Team basketball shoes that make the shoes stand out. 

Man wearing shorts and white basketball shoes

Knee-length Shorts

When wearing knee-length shorts, make sure you don’t wear lengthy socks or you will look like an overage elementary schoolboy. Knee-length shorts give you a bit of formal look while still staying casual. 

Knee-length shorts are probably the most versatile shorts among the three. You can make it look casual or formal depending on the occasion. 

You can pair up some Dickies Men’s 11 Inch Relaxed Fit Stretch Twill Work Short and Nike Men’s Mamba Focus basketball shoes for a sleek, sharp, and formal look. For a more casual look, the combination of Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular Fit Short and Nike Men’s Lebron Witness III PRM basketball shoes does the job. 

What’s the Best Basketball Shoes to Wear with Shorts?

Many people would claim the best and popular shoe brand that you can wear with shorts is the Jordan brand. They’re one of the most popular basketball shoes in the market since Michael Jordan’s championship dynasty in the 90s

There are other major shoe companies that make popular basketball shoes. Here’s a list of them:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Under Armour

Some shoe companies like Anta, New Balance and Li-Ning didn’t make the cut as they are fairly new and aren’t as popular as the list above. 

How to Wear Jordans with Shorts?

Wear them with plain clothesWear them with flashy clothes
Wear neutral colorsWear too many accessories
Wear comfortable clothesWear flashy colors

Most Jordan brand basketball shoes have attractive designs. It’s best if you pair them with less flashy clothes and shorts. Jordan basketball shoes are ideal for the fast-paced and high-flying game of Michael Jordan so they’re perfect for wearing shorts. 

Jordan basketball shoes give your look a more grown-up feel even when you wear a normal pair of shorts. Even some Jordans use mostly neutral colors. They go well with a neutral-colored short. Your shorts shouldn’t be flashy if you want to highlight your Jordan basketball shoes.

You can mix and match your shorts with any Jordans as long as they aren’t flashy. When it comes to Jordans, less is more as it magnifies the attractiveness of your Jordan shoes. You can also dress according to your own style if you don’t feel comfortable.  

Do High Tops Look Good with Shorts?

High-top basketball shoes have made a comeback in popularity. Most teens still prefer wearing low-top Vans, Stefan Janoski, and even sliders but high-top shoes are slowly rising in popularity again.

A pair of red basketball shoes on the ground

High-top basketball shoes look good with shorts, so no wonder it’s the classic, iconic look for basketball. The uniform used in basketball is a sleeveless jersey and shorts. Shorts and High-top basketball shoes are a match made in heaven. Almost any type of top can fit well with this combination. 

Most basketball shoes are high-top so you wouldn’t have any problems looking for high-top basketball shoes. They have multiple attractive designs that make basketball shoes popular for casual wear. The most expensive among them are Jordan shoes which are now more fashionable than your usual sportswear. 

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about wearing basketball shoes with shorts.

Can Basketball Shoes Be Used Casually?

Yes, basketball shoes can be used casually, however, they need to be properly cared. For instance, you cannot run with basketball shoes on asphalt; this would only damage their soles and make them lose traction.

Also, if you get them wet, they could also get damaged over time.

Can I Wear Basketball Shoes to the Gym?

Yes, basketball shoes are a good option to look stylish in the gym. However, you need to consider that these shoes are not optimal when it comes to weightlifting. They are too heavy and could mess with your lifting form.

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Lifting?

No, basketball shoes should not be used to lift weights. Also, they should not be used to do other related sports, such as CrossFit. These shoes are too heavy and do not have the proper sole to help you perform well.

Therefore, when it comes to weightlifting and CrossFit, it is recommended to use regular sports shoes. Some athletes even claim that it is better to do them barefoot.


Basketball shoes usually look good together with shorts. You play basketball in shorts so this combination isn’t weird to look at all. With the current variety of basketball shoe designs, you can almost pair any type of shorts with basketball shoes. Just follow these tips and you’ll have fashionable wear with basketball shoes and shorts. 

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