Mizuno VS-1 Volleyball Kneepad Review

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In volleyball, when it comes to knee pads, there are a lot of features that influence a match. If you are trying to find the pair that fits your necessities the most, this Mizuno VS-1 Volleyball Kneepad review might be interesting for you.

Mizuno VS-1 Volleyball Kneepad Review

Volleyball players know Mizuno as one of the most well-known brands. Their products are known for being reliable and long-lasting, and the Mizuno VS-1 Volleyball Kneepad is no exception. While playing on the court, these pads provide protection without being overly restricting.

Furthermore, the material is soft and breathable, reducing friction on the inside of your knee and preventing overheating and excessive sweating. Lastly, it was designed to cushion your knee from falls, which can prevent small injuries.


  • Protects your knee without restricting your mobility. Having good mobility inside of the court is important, after all, if you cannot quickly reach the ball, you might end up losing a point.
  • The material is soft, which reduces friction and avoids itching. This will allow you to move freely around the court without any inconvenience.
  • Because the material is breathable, your knee will not overheat and you will not sweat excessively in that area.
  • It is designed to cushion your knee from falls and slips. This can prevent small injuries and will allow you to play without getting hurt every time you try to dig a ball.


  • Even though it is designed to cushion your knees from small injuries, it is not designed to fully support your knee. This means that, if you have an injury, you might want to check a special knee brace for injuries.
  • If, despite the breathable material, your knee sweats a lot, they might slip down.

Mizuno VS-1 Volleyball Kneepad – Features and Benefits

The Mizuno VS-1 gives you a lot of benefits from using them, after all, it has plenty of features that make it a very convenient pair of pads.When you use these pads, you might notice that you make more progress on the court, which could lead to better player development.

Fit and Softness

If you have thick thighs, you will find this pair of pads quite comfortable. After all, when it comes to volleyball, the fit of your brace is really significant. All players must leap, sprint, and even drop themselves on the ground while playing.

If you’re using pads that don’t fit correctly, these motions might be very uncomfortable. On top of that, the Mizuno VS-1 pad is soft, which highly decreases the friction and discomfort that most pads generate.


A bad material could be excessively itchy, making it highly uncomfortable and nearly impossible to play with. The Mizuno VS-1 on the other hand is made of a good material that doesn’t cause chaffing and allows you to have good mobility on the court.

After all, playing with a major itch on your thigh might be highly distracting, resulting in a loss of points or, worse, a match loss. Additionally, if you dislike getting too many bruises on your knees, these pads offer a comfy material that absorbs the impact of falls.

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Design and Size

A defective pad design might make your brace too tight or too loose, creating poor blood circulation in your leg, which can affect your performance and lead you to a match loss. These pads are designed to comfortably wrap your knee and avoid causing any discomfort.

Another common problem with other pads is that they can roll up while playing, causing high levels of discomfort. In this case, the VS-1 pads also prevent rolling, which is a great feature that makes them much more comfortable.

On top of that, these pads have a good size that fit both young and old players. Therefore, if you want a pair of knee pads to play high school volleyball matches, this model might be convenient for you.


When it comes to volleyball pads, durability is one of the most important features to consider, after all, a bad pair of pads will break after playing an intense match. The Mizuno VS-1 knee pads can withstand the style of play of a libero (which tends to dig and fall a lot into the ground).

As a libero, for example, if you have a very intense match, you will most likely throw yourself to the ground more than fifteen times per set. This can severely injure your pads, however, this model can withstand the impacts and remain unharmed, as long as you don’t use a dryer for this product.

This feature also allows you to save time and effort, after all, buying a new set of pads every time you have an intense match might be tedious.

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Related Questions

Here are some related questions about knee pads in volleyball.

Is It Okay to Play High School Volleyball While Wearing a Knee Brace?

Yes, wearing knee braces while playing high school volleyball is possible. In fact, any injury-prevention item, such as ankle braces and mouthguards, can be worn.

Though, you are not permitted to wear any jewelry. Rings, piercings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are all prohibited. This is because they can easily become entangled in clothing or inadvertently damage other participants.

Do Knees Get Worn Out Over Time When Playing Volleyball?

Even though healthy knees won’t get worn out playing volleyball, the game can be demanding on them because you have to jump a lot. Therefore, if you don’t take care of them, you could get injured.

As a result, most professional athletes wear braces and engage in knee resistance training. They reduce their chances of suffering an injury that would keep them off the court for an indefinite amount of time.


When it comes to knee pads, the Mizuno VS-1 is one of the most comfortable and convenient pairs of pads available for volleyball players. Even if it has downsides, its advantages allow you to have a nice time on the volleyball court.

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