Mizuno vs Asics Volleyball Shoes

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In sports, you need the proper equipment in order to complete your actions comfortably, and volleyball is no exception. Regarding footgear, there may be a discussion about Mizuno vs Asics volleyball shoes, regarding which one is superior and best suits your feet.

Mizuno vs Asics Volleyball Shoes General Overview

Shoes are an important piece of equipment in volleyball since they allow you to move, sprint, and jump comfortably on the court. This is because wearing the wrong shoes might have a negative impact on your performance; if they have a bad design, you could lose stability.

Also, if the material is tough, it might generate chafing and make you highly uncomfortable. This might eventually force you to lose a game, or worse, injure yourself. Therefore, you must choose an appropriate pair of shoes that allow you to comfortably play volleyball.

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Many people trust Mizuno and Asics when it comes to well-designed shoes; after all, they are both known for making high-quality gear that helps you to improve your performance. However, determining which one is ideal for you might be difficult. Here’s a comparison of the two.

Mizuno Volleyball Shoes

Due to its superior sole traction, Mizuno is a well-known brand in volleyball. This helps players to easily jog, leap, and reach balls on the court, whether indoors or out. Furthermore, the interior material is comfy, resulting in a positive experience that doesn’t hurt your feet.

Here you can see the best features of most Mizuno Shoes.

  • Accurate size that prevents the shoe from causing discomfort. If your volleyball shoe doesn’t fit correctly, you might trip, or even get your feet bruised by the shoe.
  • Impact-absorbing and cushioning design. This is important for volleyball players, after all, they have to jump a lot of times during a match. A badly designed shoe might hurt your feet after jumping a few times.
  • A strong and well-structured design guarantees a pleasant step at all times. Similar to jumping, players need to sprint a lot, which can generate discomfort if their shoes are not well-structured.

Asics Volleyball Shoes

When it comes to Asics, their features allow volleyball athletes to move their feet quicker, which could highly improve their performance. This is due to their design that allows these shoes to be dynamic and stable, which provides a better sense of mobility.

Here you can see the best features of most Asics Shoes.

  • They provide soles with good traction. This allows players a better ability to quickly change directions, which could be beneficial for players like liberos.
  • They are breathable. This means your feet won’t be too hot in the middle of a volleyball match.
  • They can withstand the intense use a kid might give them.
An image of Asics shoes

Main Differences Between Mizuno and Asics Volleyball Shoes

One of the most evident differences between Mizuno and Asics is their dynamics. The Asics shoes might provide more mobility inside the court than the Mizuno shoes, which greatly improve the player’s movements and skills.

Furthermore, Mizuno can be considered much more comfortable than Asics. This is due to their inside material that avoids volleyball athletes from getting hurt while playing. After all, some players might end up with bruises on their feet after an intense match.

Finally, while it may not be as noticeable as the other differences, Mizuno’s materials have a tendency to squeak when they are brand new. This means that, when you step into the court, you will probably make a lot of noise, and, for some people, this might be distracting.

Similarities Between Mizuno and Asics Volleyball Shoes

When it comes to similarities, both brands provide highly valuable characteristics for volleyball players of both genders. Furthermore, these are quite durable shoes that will likely last a long time even if used on a daily basis.

Furthermore, they both avoid excessive friction in your heel, allowing athletes to perform a variety of activities without chafing. This is due to their high-quality material that won’t hurt your feet, no matter how much you move, jog, and jump.

When to Use Mizuno Volleyball Shoes

Mizuno is a great brand when it comes to playing comfortably and having a light sensation on your foot. If you do not like heavy shoes that could make you trip and fall, Mizuno could be a convenient option for you.

I can take the Mizuno Women’s Wave Momentum Volleyball Shoe as an example. These pairs of shoes will allow female players to freely move around the court without any problems. On top of that, it could enhance their movements, which will allow them to perform better.

Another great example is the Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z6 Mid Volleyball Shoe. These shoes are made to properly fit a male player and allow him to jog and jump without injuring his feet. When it comes to high-intensity matches, Mizuno can be of great help.

A close-up image of Asics shoes

When to Use Asics Volleyball Shoes

When it comes to Asics, they are a good option if you enjoy shoes that bring you a sense of dynamism that allows you to feel quicker. On top of that, it is a suitable choice for kids that just started playing volleyball; it will allow them to be secure and stable inside of the court.

The ASICS Kid’s Upcourt 4 Grade School Volleyball Shoes, for example, is a good choice for kids who have just begun playing volleyball. They will be able to practice in comfort with this footwear.

Finally, the ASICS Women’s Netburner Ballistic FlyteFoam Volleyball Shoes are an excellent illustration of its design since they were developed to provide good support on the court. The soles of these shoes may also provide players with great mobility, which may enhance their skills.

Which Volleyball Shoes Are Better?

Better for athletes with wider feetBetter for younger athletes
Better mobilityBetter breathability
Good impact absorptionGood sole traction
Designed for comfortable jumpsImproves stability

Despite their differences, they are both good brands that are ideal for certain kinds of players. For example, younger players who are starting in the world of volleyball can highly benefit from Asics footwear, after all, there are a lot of designs that can fit them correctly.

On the other hand, if you are a player who wants to have better mobility inside the court, Mizuno is going to be a convenient choice for you.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Mizuno and Asics.

Are Asics True to Size

Yes, Asics shoes are true to size. They fit comfortably to any length, making them very convenient for athletes. However, since they fit tightly, some players might rather have other shoes with more room.

Are Mizuno Shoes Bigger Than Asics?

Although Mizuno’s lengths are similar to Asics’, Mizuno produces wider shoes that feature more room in their toe box. Therefore, people with broader feet might feel more comfortable using Mizuno.

Is Asics an American Company?

No, Asics is a Japanese company. However, in its early days, this company had a close relationship with Nike. In this relationship, Nike served as a sales agent for Asics in the United States.


Footwear is one of the most important pieces of volleyball equipment; after all, a terrible pair might cause you so much pain that you could start playing poorly and lose the volleyball match. As a result, you should always do research to choose the ideal pair for you.

Alfonso Andrade is an avid sportsman, growing up playing soccer and volleyball. He is a coach and sports analyst, studying the game to analyze performance and help create improvement.