Best Pickleball Sets [2024 Review]

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Compared to other sports, pickleball equipment is fairly light. All you need to enjoy a good game of pickleball is an empty court, net, balls, and paddles.

Instead of purchasing pickleball equipment separately, several brands offer complete equipment sets with enough gear for four players, including a portable net, balls, and paddles. You can also find pickleball paddle sets that only consist of paddles and balls.

In this post, I shed light on the best pickleball sets on the market, including complete sets and paddle sets, so stick around.

Best Pickleball Sets

Niupipo Wood Set – Best Overall Pickleball Set

If you’re in search of a pickleball set that includes everything you may need for a singles or doubles game of pickleball, the Niupipo Pickleball Set is exactly what you need.

This set includes 4x 7-ply basswood pickleball paddles that can withstand serious knocks without any problem, making them paddles for rigorous use in community centers and YMCAs.

Each paddle’s face is 8×10 inches, making for a sweet spot that’s large enough to catch balls with ease. Beginners and intermediates are going to find the sweet spot quite generous.

The grip is well-perforated and cushioned to ensure comfortable gameplay. The grip is also sweat absorbent, so you don’t have to worry about the paddle slipping out of your hands and into your opponent’s face.

The set also includes 6x balls and a convenient carry bag for ease of portability. Note that the weight of a single Niupipo paddle is between 9.5 and 10.5 ounces, so the overall weight of the set won’t be much of a burden to carry around.

Sadly, this is just a pickleball paddle set, meaning it doesn’t come with a net system that you can deploy anywhere you want. Are you looking for a complete set? Check out the next product.

Rally Meister Deluxe

4x wood paddles and 6x indoor pickleballs is what the Rally Meister Deluxe Pickleball Set has to offer.

The hardwood paddles feature 7-ply alternating grain construction to ensure durability. Yet, they remain lightweight enough at around 10 ounces. The paddles flaunt high-quality grips and wrist straps, so you don’t have to worry about them slipping out of your hands.

The grip is contoured with a performance cushion that ensures comfort and quick response. The paddles are designed to meet the requirements of the USA Pickleball Association.

Unfortunately, the set doesn’t include a net or a carrying bag. But since it’s quite affordable, you can pair it with a separate net and bag.

Driveway Games Pickleball Set – Best Complete Set

Why purchase a pickleball net, paddles, and balls separately when you can get it affordably on the Driveway Games Pickleball Set?

This set comes with 2x wooden paddles, 2x pickleballs, a convenient net system, and a bag for ease of portability. Note that Driveway Games offers a 2x paddle add-on set for those who want to play in doubles.

The wood pickleball paddles flaunt a 7-ply alternating grain build that’s notably durable without being heavy. The paddle weight is around 10 ounces. The grips are made of PVC leather and feature wrist straps to ensure a firm grip.

The accompanied net is 10 feet long and 28 inches high. The poles are made of steel, so you’re guaranteed longevity. All in all, this is an excellent pickleball starter set for singles and doubles.

XS XSPAK Pickleball – Best Graphite Paddles

The XS XSPAK Pickleball is yet another quality pickleball paddle set that consists of 2x graphite paddles, 4x indoor pickleballs, and a carrying bag for portability. The bag can alternatively be used as a sling bag.

What I love the most about this set is the paddles, as they feature a carbon fiber (graphite) face that ensures superior control and accuracy. To add, the paddles feature a polymer core that adds to their stability and durability.

Further, the paddles are equipped with a low-profile edge guard that protects them against any and all hitting surfaces. Despite being equipped with all of these design components, the paddles remain slim and lightweight, weighing around 8 ounces and measuring 8×4.9 inches.

The paddles also feature stitched grips that ensure stability and comfort. You don’t have to worry about the graphite paddle slipping out of your sweaty hands, as the grip is well-perforated.

As far as the pickleballs and the bag, there’s really nothing worth writing home about, just regular balls and a regular bag. I would’ve loved for this set to come with a portable net, but at its point, I can’t really complain.

A11N Hyperfeather – Best Pickleball Paddle Set

The A11N Hyperfeather, in my opinion, is the best pickleball paddle set for a number of reasons. For starters, the set includes USAPA-tested paddles that are approved for tournament play.

The paddles are made out of a polymer honeycomb core to ensure durability and a sturdy graphite surface that delivers optimal control and stability.

The A11N paddles are notably lightweight at around 8 ounces and they’re fairly quiet and soft to touch. These are all essential characteristics for reliable swing control.

The paddle’s surface is quite broad, granting players a forgiving sweet zone. The sweat-absorbent cushion grips your hand to eliminate slipping. It also helps alleviate some of the pressure applied by your hypothenar muscles to ensure comfortable gameplay.

The paddles are equipped with a slim-trim edge guard that adds to the sweet zone and protects the body of the paddles from getting damaged upon hitting the ground.

Apart from the paddles, the package includes 2x indoor balls, 2x outdoor balls, 2x neoprene covers, 2x overgrips, and a convenient drawstring bag. Definitely, one of the best pickleball equipment sets on the market today.

Diller Pickleball Set – Best for a Beginner Player

If you’re new to pickleball, you ought to check out the Diller Pickleball Set.

This set consists of 2x 7-ply hardwood paddles that will last you a long time and 4x pickleballs.

The paddles feature a safety wrist strap and a perforated cushion, ensuring optimal comfort and performance. The paddles are lightweight, and the balls are quite bouncy with a slower flight. This gives beginner players an easier time learning the ropes of pickleball.

It’s also worth noting that Diller is one of the most trusted pickleball equipment companies out there.

Note, however, that this pickleball set doesn’t come with a net, carrying bag, or any other extras.

Selkirk SLK Neo – Best Pickleball Sets for Beginners

Composite pickleball paddles are favorites among pickleball players, and the Selkirk SLK NEO ones are a step above others.

These paddles are perfect for beginners and professionals alike. They’re also very visually appealing. They’re extremely lightweight at around 7 ounces.

The paddle’s width is around 7.8 inches, and it’s 15.6 inches long. In other words, it’s quite forgiving, making it easier for beginner players to catch the ball. The handle is of moderate width, measuring around 5.25 inches, ensuring a reliable grip.

As far as the materials used in the making of this paddle, it features a graphite face and a polymer core, combining superior performance with excellent durability. All the paddles are USAPA-tested and approved.

In addition to the paddles, the set includes 4x pickleballs, 2x covers, and a storage bag. This paddle set is up there with top-notch pickleball kits like the XS XSPAK and A11N HyperFeather.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Pickleball Set

Paddle MaterialAffects its weight
DurabilityAffects its reliability
WeightAffects power and accuracy
GripAffects how you hold the paddle
Pickleball paddle and three balls
  • Paddle Material: Most pickleball paddles are made of wood or graphite. A wood paddle is typically more affordable than a graphite paddle, but it’s also heavier.
  • Durability: To ensure maximum durability, make sure you invest in paddles that feature an edge guard.
  • Weight: Most pickleball paddles weigh around 6-14 ounces. If you want to improve shot power, opt for a heavier paddle. If you want to improve aim and accuracy, go for a lighter paddle.
  • Grip: Make sure the pickleball paddle you select has a grip circumference that matches the size of your hands. Further, look for paddle grips that are cushioned and perforated.
  • Other Items: A lot of pickleball sets come with more than just paddles. A pickleball kit may include a net, carry case, indoor balls, outdoor balls, and more.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the best pickleball sets.

Do Expensive Pickleball Paddles Make a Difference?

Yes, however, you always need to check their materials. Expensive pickleball paddles are made out of durable materials that prolong their life. On top of that, it gives you a more comfortable sensation when hitting the ball. Therefore, this can certainly make a difference in your game.

Is Carbon Fiber or Graphite Better for Pickleball?

Both materials have their pros and cons. For instance, while graphite is sturdier than carbon fiber, it is also less durable. With graphite, you will be able to be more accurate with your shots at the expense of durability.

Which Pickleball Paddle Has the Biggest Sweet Spot?

The Selkirk S2 has the biggest sweet spot among all pickleball paddles. This is because it has a large surface area at the face of the paddle, which allows you to hit the balls much easier. This is one of the paddles that Tony Tollenaar, a Pickleball Silver Medalist, chooses frequently.

Final Thoughts on Pickleball Sets

There you have it, the best pickleball sets on the market today. There are other alternatives that offer a good deal of value, but I assure you that the ones listed in this article are the top of the heap. I hope you were able to find a set that you liked on this list!

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