PUMA King Allround Soccer Cleat [2024 Review]

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There are many ways to prove that you are an industry leader, creating a line of products dubbed King is perhaps the most effective. In this PUMA King Allround Soccer cleat review, I take a closer look into one of the most popular PUMA cleats.

PUMA King Allround Soccer Cleat Review

PUMA has been a common name in the sportswear market for quite a long time. While it might not be the first choice for every soccer enthusiast, Puma is indisputably a leading brand in many soccer fields.

While it might easily pass off as over the top, PUMA delivers on the name of these soccer cleats pretty well, just like with their PUMA Evopower 1.3 Soccer Cleat. Right off the bat, you get a pair of shoes that employ a dated design without sacrificing the little things that makes them favorites in modern soccer fields.


  • Made of quality leather
  • Great for wide feet
  • Padded and comfortable
  • Decently durable
  • Agile rubber sole
  • PUMA CELL cushioning technology


  • Dated design
  • A bit heavy
  • Short studs result in reduced grip

The King Allround Soccer Cleats particularly stand out as a great option for players with wide feet, unlike the Vizari Stealth FG Soccer Shoe. Even if you have narrow feet, you can still get them since they come with laces that you can adjust to fit narrower feet comfortably.

With 100% leather upper, these shoes promise plausible durability for players who engage in rigorous training and matches. Below, I’ll discuss some of the features that make this boot stand out from the many others in the market.  

Characteristics of the Puma King Allround

Fit and ComfortPrevents injuries and provides shock absorption
Puma Cell Cushioning TechnologyProvides a lot of comfort
DesignImproves their durability
MaterialImproves durability, comfort, and mobility
TractionImproves agility and stability
DurabilityImproves reliability

Fit and Comfort

The PUMA King Allround Soccer Cleat are particularly great for players with wide feet. For this reason, its fit is predetermined and narrow-feet players might not be able to enjoy that snug fit and comfort.

Given that they come with laces, there is a good chance that people with narrow feet can fit just right especially if you size down a bit. The lacing system in combination with the statement fold-over tongue gives room for customization to enable the shoe to fit different foot sizes.

Overall, the shoes offer ample comfort with a cozy fit for people with wide feet. The Puma Lite leather upper will quickly mold into your feet for a firm grip when playing. This helps you run quickly, pass the ball and take sharp corners without the shoe slipping off.

Puma Cell Cushioning Technology

Perhaps, the feature that chiefly sells these shoes is the Puma Cell Cushioning technology. This is an advanced technology used in PUMA’s line of running shoes that has slowly found its way into the soccer field. It offers unbeatable comfort for athletes who run around a lot while ensuring the overall quality of the shoe is not compromised.

PUMA King Allround soccer cleat

Your feet will feel comfortable inside even when hard-kicking or running very fast. Underneath the leather upper is a narrow sued-like liner that offers additional comfort. This helps to reduce pressure points and eliminate any frictions that might cause blisters at the end of the game.

On the heel area, PUMA used its CELL technology to boost the heel support structure and offer extra cushioning.


PUMA employs a fairly old school design for the King Allround soccer cleat. That doesn’t mean they’re any bit less popular with modern shoes lovers. In fact, these shoes are still as popular as when they were first released.

While that’s a statement on its own, the fold-over tongue is almost extinct in most sports footwear. There is also the bulky quilted vamp which most brands are dropping yet many soccer players don’t mind on their shoes. This dated design makes the shoes a tad heavier and might not be a good option for sprinters.

Modern sportswear brands are also dropping laces. While they help in adjusting the shoe to fit different sizes, they can be a bit messy and sometimes cause players to slip and fall when they come undone and entangle the legs.

So, this basically makes this shoe a second thought if style and aesthetics are your priorities. However, if you care more about quality and durability over style, you will quickly pick up this pair.


The PUMA King Allround soccer cleat consists of 100% leather material which gives it an edge over synthetics cleats. Leather promises undeniable durability which means you can use these shoes on different grounds without worrying about them giving in.

There is also a flexible outsole with short studs that are ideal for dribbling, just like the DREAM PAIRS Fashion Soccer Shoes.

Concerns have also been raised over the rounded forefoot. According to experts, this will prevent players from making accurate passes.

The outsole consists of rubber which has been shown to boost the player’s agility by improving momentum and balance. On the other hand, the shoe’s tongue is fashioned from a structured elastic knit that keeps your feet in place while inside the shoe.


The PUMA King Allround Soccer cleat comes with tri-tipped chevron style studs on its outsole. Although they offer a pretty decent grip on turf and natural grass, they are still a bit behind compared to other models. This is due to the fact that the studs are short and lack the confident grip that comes with longer ones.

PUMA also uses the EverTrack stud design in these shoes allowing for better maneuverability, ball control, and stability on hard surfaces. The Evertrack technology incorporates double studs in a bit to boost traction and grip on artificial turf and grass. They are uniquely placed under the forefoot and help prevent ground locking.


The PUMA King Allround comes with a lite-leather upper which is durable and waterproof. So if you value durability, I recommend that you get this shoe instead of synthetic ones which tend to give in faster.

Being waterproof, the boot cannot be easily water-damaged. This will also save players the discomfort of having damp feet inside the shoe while playing.

The boot also has Flexible outsole which can be more durable than stiff ones. In case you bend your leg, the sole will bend along with the shoes and thus won’t run the risk of breaking from the pressure.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about PUMA King Allround soccer cleats.

Are Puma Soccer Cleats Good?

This depends a lot on your preferences. For people who like light leather cleats, PUMA will be their best option. However, if you rather use sturdier and heavier cleats, then you should search for another brand.

Are Puma Kings Comfortable?

Although this can vary from person to person, most players consider Puma Kings very comfortable. This is because the leather material, combined with the cushion and the support, makes a very comfortable soccer cleat.

What Footballers Wear Puma King?

Many legendary professional soccer players have worn PUMA Kings, such as Johan Cruyff, Pele, Eusebio, Maradona, and Thierry Henry. Nowadays, some incredible players have worn them too, such as Neymar, Griezzman, Haaland, and Pulisic.


The PUMA King Allround soccer cleat is undoubtedly a great choice for soccer players looking to up their performance. These leather shoes are durable and also agile and help you to tap into your prowess like the pro you are.

Tim Frechette is an avid athlete, having played sports like soccer and basketball his entire life. He brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his writing.