How Tall Is a Soccer Goal?

Player practicing near a soccer goal

When you think about it, soccer goals are just an extension of the field. The sizes and shapes vary depending on what the league requires. So, how tall is a soccer goal? How Tall Is a Soccer Goal? A soccer goal measures 8 feet tall (2.44m) and has a width of 8 yards(7.32m). The height …

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What Is a Hat Trick in Soccer?

Goalkeeper about to hold the ball in Soccer match

Do you know that soccer is among the most popular sports around the world? It has been played for over 100 years, and there are many different ways to score points in this game. One of those scoring methods is called “the hat trick.” What Is a Hat Trick in Soccer? A hat trick in …

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How Big Is a Soccer Field?

Soccer field during a match

Finding out how big is a soccer field is one of the most fascinating things you’ll ever learn. It will soon become clear why these dimensions are distinct dimensions after reading this article. How Big Is a Soccer Field Soccer fields are 100-130 yards long and 50-100 yards wide. They can also be referred to …

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The Best Soccer Movies of All Time [2021 Review]

Person watching a soccer movie

Whether you want to focus on a few players or shine a light on the entire team, soccer movies feel like they are missing out without being overly cliche. The below soccer movies have been done right and will capture you from beginning to end. Our Top Soccer Movies Reviews Soccer features great aspects that …

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How Wide is a Soccer goal?

Stadium seats behind a soccer goal

Soccer is a fun and competitive sport that has many rules. One of the most debated topics among soccer players is the width of a soccer goal. So, how wide is a soccer goal? How Wide is a Soccer goal? The standard width of a soccer goal is eight yards (24 feet), with the goalposts …

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What Size Soccer Ball Should I Get?

A close up of a soccer ball on an outdoor field

Soccer has been an enjoyable sport that can be played by just about anyone. However, the problem for many of us is finding the right size soccer ball to play with. So, what size soccer ball should I get? What Size Soccer Ball Should I Get? A size 1 soccer ball is suitable for all …

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How to Dribble a Soccer Ball

Player dribbling the soccer ball towards a new direction

Dribbling a soccer ball is one of the most crucial skills for any player, and mastering it can take years. For those looking to improve their dribbling skills, this article provides an overview of how to dribble a soccer ball.  How to Dribble a Soccer Ball Start by locking your ankle as you point your …

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What Is a Hat Trick?

Player attempting to pull a hat trick

The concept of the hat trick has been around for years. It is often used as a metaphor for something else deterring people from the true definition of what is a hat trick.  What Is a Hat Trick? A hat trick in sports is when a player scores three goals or points consecutively. It is …

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What Does a Yellow Card Mean in Soccer?

Soccer referee flashing a yellow card

In a regular soccer match, you might have noticed players getting a yellow card. If you are a soccer lover for ages, you might know what these flashcards indicate. But, if you are new to the soccer-loving army, you might feel confused why they are flashing these cards on players? Is it a foul?  Are …

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How to Play Striker

Player in green jersey kicking a ball

The front end is one of the most challenging and trickiest positions to play in soccer. A striker is a front-end player who employs around the opponent’s goalpost to make a goal for his team. This guide shares a step-by-step process on how to play striker for a soccer team like a pro. How to Play …

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How to Juggle Soccer Balls

Man juggling a soccer ball

It is scientifically proven that juggling a soccer ball can increase a player’s neuro-sensitivity and motor skills to a great extent. This step-by-step guide shares all the basic to advanced techniques on how to juggle a soccer ball that you can master easily.   How to Juggle a Soccer Ball Juggling a soccer ball is a technique and …

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How to Curve a Soccer Ball

Soccer player trying to curve the ball

You might have seen a pitcher in baseball throwing a curveball towards the batsman. Similarly, the same concept is used while kicking a ball in football, where the ball spins towards the pole but lands in the goalpost miraculously. However, it isn’t a real miracle but good use of physics that uses air dynamics to …

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