Best Soccer Cleats for Defenders [2024 Review]

A pair of red soccer cleats with black details

There’s no breaking a defender’s spirit. They’ve got to be one of the most fearless and headstrong players on the field. It’s just how they’re built. Defenders are constantly getting into tackles, sometimes taking on strikers one-on-one. In just moments they need to get the ball back to their teammates. On paper, that doesn’t seem …

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11 Shooting Drills for Soccer

A group of kids in jerseys holding a soccer ball with their feet

Shooting drills are a fundamental part of soccer training. They can help players improve their accuracy and speed in shooting and develop their footwork. Shooting drills for soccer can be used to boost your shooting skills and help you become more accurate. Shooting drills are also a great way to improve your footwork and develop …

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How to Prepare for Soccer Tryouts

Coach calling in all players for the tryouts

A soccer tryout is a process in which a player tries out for a soccer team. The player may be invited to the tryout by the coach or they may have to apply themselves. It is important to know what is expected of you before going into the tryout. This includes knowing the rules of …

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How to Cross a Soccer Ball

Man preparing to kick the soccer ball

A cross is a move in soccer that involves kicking the ball across the field to teammates. It is one of many types of passes in soccer, and it can be used as an offensive or defensive maneuver. When executed properly, a cross can lead to goals or assists for teammates on either side of …

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How to Make the Soccer Team

Man in blue kicks the soccer ball

Whether you’re trying out for a professional team or are going out for your high school team, you’ll want to make a good impression at tryouts. Before you learn how to make the soccer team, you need to find out which team you want to try out for. The soccer team at your high school …

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Indoor Soccer vs Outdoor Soccer [Comprehensive Guide]

A soccer match in a stadium

​​Two of the most popular styles of the sport that many consider are indoor soccer vs outdoor soccer. While both involve the same basic soccer rules and skill sets, the two styles are different. I walk you through the similarities and differences between outdoor and indoor soccer and highlight the advantages of each one. ​An …

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The Best Soccer Defenders of All Time

Cafu soccer player wearing his number two jersey while in a soccer game

Defenders are one of the most overlooked positions on the field. Without the glory of a goal—and hopefully not with the shame of an own goal—defenders often are shunned to the side when it comes to the spotlight. However, an off-the-line clearance can be a game changer as a last-minute goal. Since defense is such …

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How to Get Fit For Soccer

Two women soccer players running to kick the soccer ball

An essential aspect of soccer is fitness. You need a high amount of endurance to last 90 minutes on a field, transitioning between jogging to sprinting at full speed. As a dynamic sport that requires strength, explosive power, and cardiovascular fitness, soccer also demands a balance between athleticism and creativity. Getting fit for soccer varies …

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Soccer Through Ball Drills for Practice

Man preparing to kick the soccer ball

A soccer through ball drill is a drill that involves using the ball to move through players and defenders. This drill is a good option for teams that want to improve their ball control and passing. Soccer through ball drills help players improve their dribbling skills. Soccer Through Ball Drills A through ball is when you …

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317 Common Soccer Terms, Lingo, Jargon, and Slang

Soccer ball in the middle of the field

Whether you actively play soccer or you’re an avid soccer fan that watches the game from the sidelines or TV, you likely know that there is a lot of terminology that is associated with the sport. Additionally, there are both English and British phrases used when referring to various things in soccer. A-Z List of …

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5 Passing and Receiving Soccer Drills to Practice

Soccer player in red tries to pass ball through defenders

​Passing and receiving are essential components to developing a firm and sturdy foundation for your soccer career. Being able to receive and pass the ball effectively play an important role on the field and within your team. Although you can work on these skills individually with just a ball and a wall, it is much …

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Your Guide to Soccer Field Position Numbers

Drawing on a blackboard of soccer positions

​ ​As you watch more and more soccer or rise in age groups and divisions, you might often here positions being referred to as numbers rather than their names. You might also realize that there’s a pattern when most professional teams assign jersey numbers to various players. That’s because often times jersey numbers are assigned to …

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