ANLUKE Athletic Hightop Cleats Review

ANLUKE Athletic Hightop Cleats

Whether you want to play in wet or dry conditions, the have you covered. The upper consists of durable leather, coated with polyurethane that holds up well in most weather conditions. Still not convinced? In this ANLUKE Athletic Hightop Cleats Review, we will help you decide whether these cleats are a good fit for your …

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PUMA King Allround Soccer Cleat Review

PUMA King Allround soccer cleat

There are many ways to prove that you are an industry leader, creating a line of products dubbed King is perhaps the most effective. In this review, we take a closer look into one of the most popular PUMA cleats. PUMA King Allround Soccer Cleat Review PUMA has been a common name in the sportswear …

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adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat Review

adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf soccer cleats

If you are looking to buy Adidas soccer cleats, this Review will help you make an informed decision. After hours of testing and getting expert opinion, we can give you an in-depth look into these soccer cleats. Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat Review If you have used the Adidas Copa Mundial, you’re going …

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317 Common Soccer Terms [Comprehensive List]

Soccer ball in the middle of the field

Whether you actively play soccer or you’re an avid soccer fan that watches the game from the sidelines or TV, you likely know that there is a lot of terminology that is associated with the sport. Additionally, there are both English and British phrases used when referring to various things in soccer. A Comprehensive A-Z …

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3 Steps for How to Remove Cleats from Soccer Shoes

Person about to kick a soccer ball lying on a field

Removable or detachable soccer cleats are mostly common for soft ground soccer cleats. They’re great for rainy and wet field conditions. The detachable studs have better penetration in soft, wet, and sloppy field surfaces giving you the best grip among other types of soccer cleats.  However, these studs do wear down and you sometimes need …

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Best Soccer Cleats for Turf [2021 Review]

An orange soccer ball lying close to the net

Artificial turf fields are a synthetic surface that imitates the appearance of a natural grass field. Turf fields are extremely popular for soccer players. They allow the ball to move easily around the field. It’s also less costly and easier to maintain.  However, using inappropriate soccer cleats on turf can result in poor traction. You …

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Best Soccer Cleats for Forwards [2021 Review]

Two players trying to steal the ball from each other during a soccer game

As a forward, you’ll be the centerpiece for the offense of your team. Your main job is to score a goal or create an opportunity to score a goal for your team. Forwards should be crafty and quick with great acceleration, speed, and passing ability.  Wearing soccer cleats that don’t suit your position will just …

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Can You Customize Adidas Soccer Cleats?

A close up of a rough looking white soccer shoe in a grass field

It’s great to own customized Adidas soccer cleats. You feel as if you own a pair of soccer cleats exclusively made for you. Adidas is widely known as the most popular brand for soccer cleats yet do they let you customize Adidas Soccer Cleats? Can You Customize Adidas Soccer Cleats? As of 2019, Adidas has …

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Best Material for Soccer Cleats [2021 Review]

Close up of a person wearing orange soccer cleats with their foot placed on a soccer ball

Soccer cleats have different variations today but still hold true to giving soccer players the speed and agility on the field. Soccer cleats feature different materials depending on their aim and the target consumers. Thus, making us wonder what material is best for soccer cleats.  What Are the Best Material for Soccer Cleats? The best …

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What Is the Difference Between Football and Soccer Cleats?

A pair of gold soccer cleats placed on a raised box in a grass field

There are different types of cleats and they’re designed specifically to use in a certain sport. Some cleats aren’t even allowed to use in other sports while some can be used to almost any field sports.  In this article, you’ll know the difference between football and soccer cleats. What is the Difference Between Football and …

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What Do Soccer Cleats Look Like?

Soccer shoes lined up in a grass field

There are several types of athletic cleats available, depending on the sport you play. Baseball, football, and soccer are all sports that require cleats. However, they each have shoes specifically designed for that game.  Overall, soccer cleats are probably the most versatile cleats among all types of cleats used. They can be used on almost …

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Can You Use Football Cleats for Soccer?

Close up of football players wearing their football cleats

Football cleats are specially designed to be used for football. Different types of cleats can be used in a variety of field sports as long as the rules or sports committee allows it. Are football cleats usable for soccer? This article will answer this sought after question.  Can You Use Football Cleats for Soccer? You …

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