One Touch Soccer Drills for Soccer Practice

Man about to kick the soccer ball in the field

​Having a high-quality first touch is an important aspect in any soccer player—no matter what level you’re playing at. A good first touch can help you have good control of the ball and make your next move much, much easier and quicker. Since it’s so crucial in the game of soccer, you’ll want to work …

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How to Play Forward in Soccer

Two women fighting over the soccer ball with one about to kick the ball to the goal

If you find yourself up top, ready to score goals and take no prisoners, you probably play forward. Although the position may seem pretty straightforward (score goals), with all the different formations out there, choosing a style of play can get confusing. Since a forward’s responsibilities can change from team to team, knowing how to …

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How to Get Better at Soccer

Man in white soccer jersey stepping on a soccer ball with his left leg

​Soccer, or football (depending on what part of the world you’re in), is one of the most popular sports worldwide. No matter if you are younger or trying out the sport at an old, ripe age, you can still find something that you love about it. With hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of players around …

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How to Head a Soccer Ball

Girl in an orange soccer jersey is bouncing the soccer ball with her head

Heading is one of the first basic skills you are often taught—even at a young age. It’s an important concept to learn correctly, especially since doing it improperly can lead to injuries. Not only is heading an extremely important skill to use—whether you’re attacking or defending, but when done correctly, it can be a total …

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Top 10 Physical Benefits of Playing Soccer

Woman wearing black Nike shoes doing knee high exercises in the sand

Playing soccer is a great way to stay physically active and healthy. Soccer players can stay physically active while also being able to relieve stress and anxiety. They can also work on their hand-eye coordination, which is only one of the top physical benefits of playing soccer for any child or adult to have. ​Top …

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How to Punt a Soccer Ball

Soccer player throws a punt kick from the goal

Punting a soccer ball is a technique in which an attacking player kicks the ball over the defending team’s goal line using his or her foot. Learning how to punt a soccer ball can help you get it as far away from the opponent’s goal as possible so that they cannot score. This technique is …

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How to Prepare for a Soccer Game

Soccer team huddled over for a meeting pre game in the field

The game of soccer is a fast-paced sport that requires a lot of stamina, speed, and endurance. Players need to be prepared for the physical demands of the game by practicing their skills and conditioning themselves. Learning how to prepare for a soccer game can make the difference between success and failure. How to Prepare …

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How to Play Center Mid in Soccer

Ongoing soccer match with one defensive player

A center midfielder is an important position in soccer. The player should be able to play as a deep-lying playmaker or to make runs into the penalty area and score goals. A center midfielder is often the team captain. The center mid position is an important position on the soccer field that requires a lot …

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Soccer Drills To Do By Yourself

Girl in a red jersey top and white shorts juggles a white and yellow soccer ball

Soccer drills are important for players of all levels, from beginners to advanced. They teach basic skills such as dribbling and passing, they also help players get into shape and improve their ball control. Soccer drills are an essential part of any soccer player’s training routine. Learning a few soccer drills to do by yourself …

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A Guide to Determining What Soccer Position To Play

Two men one in red, one in white are going after the white soccer ball

Soccer is a team sport, so it’s important to know the different positions to be able to play with your teammates and have the best chance of winning. Soccer players are usually classified by their playing position, which determines their role on the team. If you’re wondering, “what soccer position should I play?” learning about …

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The Guide to What to Wear to Soccer Practice

Girl putting on a red soccer sock on top of blue shin guards

Dressing appropriately for soccer practice is important because it can dictate the level of success for the team. This is especially true for young players who are still developing their skills and learning how to play the game. If they don’t learn what to wear to soccer practice, this can lead to distractions and affect …

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