How to Pass a Soccer Ball

Man in a white jersey has his leg swung back to kick the ball

Passing is one of the most fundamental techniques in soccer, as it can be used to advance or maintain possession of the ball. Learning how to pass a soccer ball can help you get a better shot on goal and become a better player. How to Pass a Soccer Ball While passing a soccer ball …

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Can You Use Soccer Cleats for Football?

A pair of orange soccer cleats placed sideways on a field

Soccer cleats have come a long way since they first appeared. They have progressed from heavy leather to lightweight synthetic soccer cleats. Since these cleats are versatile and adaptable to any situation, you may be wondering, “can you use soccer cleats for football?” Can You Use Soccer Cleats for Football? Yes, you can use soccer …

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Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet [2023 Review]

A man fitting an orange Adidas soccer cleat

If you have wide feet, then you know the struggle of finding a good pair of shoes that fit well. There are many different types of shoes that you can wear for sports, yet soccer cleats are one type that is specifically designed with wide feet in mind. The best soccer cleats for wide feet …

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Best Video Camera to Record Soccer Games [2023 Review]

Lumix video camera being used to record a soccer game

Whether you want to record soccer games so that you can study certain plays, or you just want to capture fun moments of your kids on the field, you’ll likely want to use camera other than the one on your smartphone. The best video camera to record soccer games needs to be reliable and high …

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What Is VAR in Soccer?

Referee is showing to the press how the video assistant referee (VAR) system works

VAR is currently being used in the Champions League, the Europa League, the Premier League, and other soccer leagues across Europe. VAR technology is an incredible way to make the game more precise and fair. So what is VAR in soccer? What Is VAR in Soccer? A video assistant referee (VAR) is a qualified match …

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What Is a Cap in Soccer?

Players reaching for soccer ball on the field

Soccer is a passionate sport with millions of avid followers around the globe. Whether you are a newly anointed fan or an old one, you may not know all the terminologies used in the game. One of the most perplexing terminologies is that the players earn a “cap” for games they take part in. What …

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What Is a Brace in Soccer?

Soccer ball on goal

What is a brace in soccer? When we began watching soccer, there were quite a few words and terminologies used by the commentators that we did not understand. One of these was “a brace”. While it is a common English word, its meaning in a soccer game can be confusing for some people. Allow us …

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How Tall Is a Soccer Goal?

Player practicing near a soccer goal

When you think about it, soccer goals are just an extension of the field. The sizes and shapes vary depending on what the league requires. So, how tall is a soccer goal? How Tall Is a Soccer Goal? A soccer goal measures 8 feet tall (2.44m) and has a width of 8 yards(7.32m). The height …

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What Is a Hat Trick in Soccer?

Goalkeeper about to hold the ball in Soccer match

Do you know that soccer is among the most popular sports around the world? It has been played for over 100 years, and there are many different ways to score points in this game. One of those scoring methods is called “the hat trick.” What Is a Hat Trick in Soccer? A hat trick in …

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How Big Is a Soccer Field?

Soccer field during a match

Finding out how big is a soccer field is one of the most fascinating things you’ll ever learn. It will soon become clear why these dimensions are distinct dimensions after reading this article. How Big Is a Soccer Field Soccer fields are 100-130 yards long and 50-100 yards wide. They can also be referred to …

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The Best Soccer Movies of All Time [2023 Review]

Person watching a soccer movie

Whether you want to focus on a few players or shine a light on the entire team, soccer movies feel like they are missing out without being overly cliche. The below soccer movies have been done right and will capture you from beginning to end. Our Top Soccer Movies Reviews Soccer features great aspects that …

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How Wide is a Soccer goal?

Stadium seats behind a soccer goal

Soccer is a fun and competitive sport that has many rules. One of the most debated topics among soccer players is the width of a soccer goal. So, how wide is a soccer goal? How Wide is a Soccer goal? The standard width of a soccer goal is eight yards (24 feet), with the goalposts …

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