Volleyball Drills for High School

High school volleyball players on the floor doing warm ups

Just like any other sport, reaching a great level as a volleyball player requires a lot of practice and hard work. If you are currently playing in high school or you simply want to train your abilities as a player, you need to learn the best volleyball drills for high school. Best Volleyball Drills for …

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4 Fun, Easy, and Effective Volleyball Passing Drills

Setter passes volleyball to two teammates

Passing or bumping is the main hit when it comes to playing volleyball. This move is executed when your arms are stretched out and held together by your hands to create a flat, even surface for the volleyball to bounce off of. Players should take the time to practice a few different volleyball passing drills …

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17 Amazing Health Benefits of Volleyball

Girl took a dip to receive volleyball ball

Playing a pickup game of volleyball or being on a high school team isn’t just about having a good time. There are many health benefits of volleyball that you will gain each time you step out onto the court. Physical Health Benefits of Volleyball ​Burns Calories ​When you are playing volleyball, you should be in …

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A Simple Guide on How to Keep Score in Volleyball

Woman in green stands before her teammates and enemies in a volleyball match

Learning how to keep score in volleyball is fairly easy once you learn the rules of the game. There are a few different ways you can win a point for your team. There are also a few ways you can create a fault and give the other team the point. To keep things simple in …

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