The 8 Best Volleyball Ball Control Drills

Girl receiving the ball with her teammates

In the game of volleyball, control is one of the main focuses. You have to be able to control where you send the ball so you can build up a bump, set, and spike play. With these volleyball ball control drills, you can help your players learn how to better control the ball for more …

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The 7 Best Volleyball Defense Drills [Individual and Team]

Two volleyball players receiving the ball

When the other team has the ball you are automatically put in defensive mode. No matter if you are backrow or frontrow, there are a few different ways that everyone on the court can contribute to putting up a good defense. Top Volleyball Defense Drills ​Before learning how to drill defensively for volleyball, it’s important …

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5 Simple, Easy, Volleyball Drills for Kids to Practice

When you are looking for volleyball drills for kids, you want to focus on the simple types of volleyball drills that children can master and enjoy. These drills will focus on very basic learning how to pass, set, hit, and serve. They will still be fun and engaging for your much younger audience. ​Volleyball Drills …

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7 Volleyball Blocking Drills to Learn How to Block Better

How to perform the Cross over Step Drill for better volleyball blocking skills.

​When it comes to learning how to block in volleyball, there are a few different key factors you need to learn. Then, use them to work together. Learn the right footwork to help you gain momentum for the jump and how to curve your body away from the net as you block. Know how to …

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8 Simple, Easy Volleyball Drills for Beginners

Volleyball in the middle of the court

When you are learning the game of volleyball, it is important you start with some easier, beginner volleyball drills. These beginner volleyball drills are simplified to help teach you the basics of volleyball. They encourage good volleyball habits to build on as you continue to learn volleyball. Simple Beginner Volleyball Drills Passing, setting, spiking, and …

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Top 10 Volleyball Drills and Workouts To Do At Home

Two girls spotting each other while working out

Maybe you find yourself counting down the minutes until you are back on the court and playing. Or, maybe you just want to practice your moves. Either way, you can learn to do volleyball drills at home that will better prepare you. Volleyball Workouts at Home Just because you aren’t on the volleyball court, doesn’t …

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Volleyball Drills for High School

High school volleyball players on the floor doing warm ups

Just like any other sport, reaching a great level as a volleyball player requires a lot of practice and hard work. If you are currently playing in high school or you simply want to train your abilities as a player, you need to learn the best volleyball drills for high school. Best Volleyball Drills for …

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4 Fun, Easy, and Effective Volleyball Passing Drills

Setter passes volleyball to two teammates

Passing or bumping is the main hit when it comes to playing volleyball. This move is executed when your arms are stretched out and held together by your hands to create a flat, even surface for the volleyball to bounce off of. Players should take the time to practice a few different volleyball passing drills …

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17 Amazing Health Benefits of Volleyball

Girl took a dip to receive volleyball ball

Playing a pickup game of volleyball or being on a high school team isn’t just about having a good time. There are many health benefits of volleyball that you will gain each time you step out onto the court. Physical Health Benefits of Volleyball ​Burns Calories ​When you are playing volleyball, you should be in …

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A Simple Guide on How to Keep Score in Volleyball

Woman in green stands before her teammates and enemies in a volleyball match

Learning how to keep score in volleyball is fairly easy once you learn the rules of the game. There are a few different ways you can win a point for your team. There are also a few ways you can create a fault and give the other team the point. To keep things simple in …

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