Is an Underhand Serve Legal in Volleyball?

Preparing to serve in volleyball

Serving in volleyball is an essential element of the game and can possibly be a game-changer. If you’re new to volleyball, you might be wondering, “Is an underhand serve legal in volleyball?” and whether it’s useful or not. Is an Underhand Serve Legal in Volleyball? Yes, according to the rules, an underhand serve is perfectly …

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Best Volleyball Arm Sleeves [2022 Review]

Volleyball players lining up horizontally

In volleyball, your arms need to be able to endure a lot of hits, which is why getting the right protection for them can be essential. Additionally, getting too many hits as a beginner can be painful. That’s why you’ll need the best volleyball arm sleeves to solve this problem quickly. Our Top Volleyball Arm …

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How to Become a Better Volleyball Player


Volleyball is an intense team sport that involves coordinated positioning and precise timing to spike, pass, and bump the ball successfully. You need to hone your agility, speed, and reaction time and learn to communicate effectively with other players. Improving your volleyball skills requires the willingness to learn and dedicated effort to understand and master …

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How to Throw a Hammer


There is a range of ultimate frisbee throws that you can use in different situations during a game. Learning new throwing techniques not only increases your skill level but also helps you outperform your opponents. One of the most popular and advanced throwing techniques that every frisbee player should learn is the hammer throw. In …

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How Much Is Club Volleyball?

Male players sitting while having a break

Competing as much as possible can be considered essential for novice volleyball players. If you want to start earning experience inside of the court, you might be wondering how much club volleyball is, and whether it is a good investment or not. How Much Is Club Volleyball? On average, volleyball clubs could cost up to …

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How to Make the Volleyball Team With No Experience

Volleyball team talking to each other

Practicing and competing as much as possible on a volleyball team is considered very important when it comes to beginners. If you are a novice player, then you might be wondering how to make the volleyball team with no experience, and how beneficial this could be. How to Make the Volleyball Team With No Experience …

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How to Play Volleyball

Volleyball players playing indoor volleyball

Some people play volleyball as a hobby. Others desire to win a gold medal. However, no matter what kind of player you are, learning how to play volleyball and improving your technique is crucial. How to Play Volleyball With these steps, you can play a normal game with friends. However, this is only the introduction …

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Best Knee Brace for Volleyball [2022 Review]

Woman wearing knee brace for volleyball

Playing volleyball every day can wear out your muscles, especially your knees. If you are coming out of an injury, or just want to take care of your knees, you should learn about the best knee braces for volleyball. Our Top Volleyball Knee Braces Recommendations If your coach has recommended you to use a brace …

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Best Beach Volleyball Shorts [2022 Review]

Woman playing beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is a sport that’s growing in popularity and it’s an excellent way to spend your summer day. Whether you play for fun or as part of a professional team, you’ll need the best beach volleyball shorts. Our Top Beach Volleyball Shorts Recommendations There are many beach shorts to choose from. Each one of …

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Best Volleyballs [2022 Review]

Man holding the volleyball

Volleyball is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. If you want to practice volleyball at home or the gym on a regular basis, you should invest in the best volleyballs on the market. Our Top Volleyball Recommendations There are a lot of volleyballs to choose from and they all have different characteristics …

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Best Position in Volleyball

Beach volleyball players posing for a picture

Volleyball has a lot of roles that play an important part during the game. If you are curious about which role is considered to be the best position in volleyball, then you need to dig deep into their objectives and tasks. Best Position in Volleyball From defenders to attackers, there are numerous positions inside of …

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Can You Use Your Head in Volleyball?

Group of people playing beach volleyball

Sometimes the volleyball can be reached with other parts of your body that are not your arms and hands. As a result, many new players wonder whether you can use your head in volleyball or if it would be an illegal move to make. So, can you use your head in volleyball? Can You Use …

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