What Country Is Volleyball Most Popular In?

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Volleyball is growing increasingly popular in many places these days. If you’ve only recently discovered volleyball in your country, you might be wondering “What country is volleyball most popular in” and why.

What Country Is Volleyball Most Popular In?

Although volleyball is very popular in a lot of countries, its popularity increases in four countries: Brazil, Russia, the United States, and Poland. It is also well known in Asian countries such as Japan.

Over the years, these countries have won the most medals in volleyball tournaments. Also, these are nations that promote and develop outstanding athletes to play volleyball professionally, which explains why so many elite players originate from these countries.

To delve deeper into this topic, you must first understand why volleyball is so popular in these countries. Along with the most well-known players that each country has produced.

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Why Is Volleyball Popular in Brazil?

Brazil Olympic MedalsYear and Place
Silver1984 Los Angeles
Gold1992 Barcelona
Gold2004 Athens
Silver2008 Beijing
Silver2012 London
Gold2016 Rio de Janeiro

If you take a look at the volleyball world standings, you will notice that most of the players in the top ten are Brazilian. This is due to the great amount of volleyball training centers and facilities that were built in order to encourage young athletes to play volleyball.

Many people also believe that Brazilians are born athletes, which explains why they can excel in sports like basketball and soccer. Brazil currently holds the top spot in the FIVB Senior World Ranking for men’s volleyball.

In women’s volleyball, though, things are a little different. Brazil is now ranked third behind China and the United States. Regardless of where they stand in the rankings, they have accomplished a great deal. Here you can see the titles that Brazil have won.

  • Three Olympic gold medals were won by the men’s team in 2016.
  • Three FIVB World Championships have been won by the men’s national team.
  • Three World League championships have been won by the men.
  • During the World Championship and World Cup, the women’s national team earned two Olympic golds and three silvers.

Why Is Volleyball Popular in the United States?

The United States is a country that loves watching sports as well as playing them. Therefore, there are a lot of facilities where people can train and potentially become professional athletes.

The United States is currently rated third in the men’s FIVB Senior World Ranking, after Brazil and Poland, while women, on the other hand, are ranked second, behind China. The United States has also done well in international tournaments.

The women’s team, for example, has won the FIVB World Grand Prix six times, as well as the FIVB World Championship and three Olympic silver medals. The men, on the other hand, took home three Olympic gold medals as well as the World Championship.

Why Is Volleyball Popular in Russia?

Like other nations listed, Russia invests a lot in volleyball. This means that they want their athletes to be as well trained as possible. Some people theorize that this is due to the historical rivalry between the USA and Russia; if the USA gets a gold medal, Russia might want one too.

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Their male volleyball team has won four Olympic gold medals in tournament play, six FIVB World Championships, and six World Cups. Russia’s male squad is now rated fourth in the world (after Brazil, the United States, and Poland), while their female team is placed eighth.

Why Is Volleyball Popular in Poland?

Poles have been great volleyball fans for many years and are considered one of the sport’s most powerful fan bases. Therefore, there are a lot of athletes who want to become elite players and help their national team.

Poland is now ranked second in the men’s FIVB Senior World Ranking (above the USA and below Brazil). This team has one Olympic gold medal and three World Championship golds to their credit. The women’s team, on the other hand, took home one Olympic bronze medal.

Why Is Volleyball Popular in Japan?

Volleyball became popular in Japan when the women’s volleyball team won gold at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and, since then, many students have chosen to play volleyball at school.

Additionally, there are certain anime that helped in the popularization of volleyball in Japan. These shows marked a transition in Japanese society, with many people eager to play a match.

In tournaments, the men’s team has won one Olympics gold medal, while the women’s team has won two. Japan’s men’s squad is ranked 11th in the world, and their women’s team is ranked 10th.

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Here are some related questions about volleyball and countries.

Which Country Has the Most Volleyball Fans?

Brazil may be the country with the greatest number of volleyball fans. After all, it is the world’s best national team right now. Additionally, Poland has a huge and enthusiastic fan base too.

How Popular Is Volleyball in the World?

Volleyball is becoming increasingly popular, with over 37 million people participating in the United States. Furthermore, there are over 800 million athletes worldwide who participate in volleyball.

Is Volleyball the Hardest Sport in the World?

Volleyball is not considered one of the most difficult sports in the world, though this is debatable. This is because other sports, such as boxing and hockey, are thought to be more difficult than volleyball.


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Volleyball is popular in practically every country, although in a few, athletes are strongly encouraged to participate in and master the sport. These countries excel at this game, which is why they are currently ranked among the top ten best national teams of the world.

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