What Does SP Mean in Volleyball Stats?

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Statistics play a significant role in sports, including volleyball, since they can show a player’s or a team’s performance. If you’re new to sports, you might be wondering “what does SP mean in volleyball stats?”, and how it might benefit players and coaches.

What Does SP Mean in Volleyball Stats?

SP stands for Sets Played in volleyball statistics, and it indicates how many sets a player has performed over the entire match. This could also represent the player’s importance in the game; if they just played one set, they weren’t very important.

Volleyball players playing inside the court

One of the aims of this statistical word, as difficult as it may sound, is to indicate if a player was crucial to the team (a superb setter or hitter), or if they were a backup player (perhaps a novice player with not too much experience).

To learn more about this topic, you should learn why it is beneficial to play more sets in a volleyball match and what it takes to stop being a backup player. You will be able to increase your volleyball skills and ultimately develop your game after studying this.

Why Is It Beneficial to Play More Sets?

Starting in volleyball indicates that you have achieved a decent level that, in the opinion of the coach, will greatly benefit the squad. This will allow you to play more matches, gain much more experience, and ultimately, become a better player.

After all, one of the most important things for volleyball players to do in their early years is to gain as much experience as possible. Meaning, that if you have a lot of experience in high school and college, you have a decent chance of reaching the professional level of play.

What Does It Take To Stop Being a Backup Player?

LeadershipA better understanding of the game
ConsistencyBetter performance
TeamworkA better understanding of strategies
MaturityA better lifestyle

If you want to become an essential player for your team and increase your SP stat, you will have to improve the way you play and understand the game. To do this, you need to learn the different characteristics that make a great volleyball player.

Volleyball players practicing their drills


Being a leader in your volleyball squad will allow you to be noticed by the coach. Additionally, it will help you to improve your skills and have a better understanding of the game. Here are some tips to start acting like a leader in volleyball.

  • Encourage your teammates to work hard. If you can positively influence their performance, you are one step away from being a starting player.
  • Solve problems quickly. Don’t expect your coach or someone else to fix your difficulties; instead, strive to find out what you need to accomplish quickly and then do it.
  • Listen carefully and take constructive criticism. The only way you can move on from your mistakes is to acknowledge them, learn from them, and improve.
  • Make a special effort. Being a leader does not happen immediately; it is a characteristic that must be developed through time.


Being mature is an important characteristic in sports. It consists in knowing that, if you want to be a starter on the team, you will have to change some aspects of your daily life. Meaning that your decisions have to guide you towards your goal, not otherwise. 

You must, for example, be mature enough to understand that staying up all night playing video games will not help you achieve your goal.

Consistency and Performance

The best volleyball players possess the ability to maintain consistency both on and off the court. If you can consistently score a decent number of points in each game, you will almost surely be named to your starting lineup. For this, you will have to practice a great amount of time.


In every volleyball game, your ability to make quick, and good, decisions is critical. This game is a pretty intense sport, which is why you need to develop your decision-making skills in order to be noticed inside of the court.

For instance, if the opposition team is going to attack, you must determine whether to block, move back, or even engage in a joust in a matter of seconds. Therefore, if you can take the option that allows your team to score a point, you will probably be a starter.


It makes no difference if you are the best player on the planet; if you don’t know how to work with your teammates, you will not be selected as a starter. Considering volleyball is a team sport, playing egotistically will not benefit you.

Different players in a beach volleyball

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about stats in volleyball:

What Are Stats in Volleyball?

In volleyball, the stats show the in-game numbers of attacks, failures, settings, servings, and passing. On top of that, it shows the receptions, assists, reception errors, and hitting percentages.

What Is the Most Important Stat in Volleyball?

When it comes to volleyball, the most important stat is considered to be hitting efficiency. This statistic shows how effective the team’s shots are, therefore, it shows how many points they can make.

What Is a Good SP Stat in Volleyball?

In volleyball, a decent SP figure might be three to five sets played. If you fall below that mark, you may not be spending as much time on the court as you would like (considering that you want to be a professional player, of course).


SP can assist you in determining if you are getting enough court time to gain as much experience as possible. You must work hard and demonstrate that you are a superb player if you wish to improve this number.

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