What Is the Most Important Position in Volleyball?

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Volleyball positions make the game much more strategic and complex. If you are a new player, you might wonder what is the most important position in volleyball and why it is considered as such.

What Is the Most Important Position in Volleyball?

The setter is often considered the most important position in volleyball.

It takes care of the distribution of the ball and it creates offensive opportunities, meaning that he should be present in almost every play.

A bad setter can tremendously affect a team.

Spiker in volleyball

However, claiming the setter is the most important player of the team downplays the others. Every position inside of a volleyball team has a crucial role that, if done correctly, can be a game-changer. Learning what each position does can help you improve as a player.

Each position inside of the court has a goal that must be followed as well as possible. If one of the players fails their objective, the team might be critically affected to the point of losing.

Learning about each goal will allow you to improve your understanding of the game.


The setter’s objective is to perform a pass to the striker so he can attack it.

This might sound simple, however, there are a lot of details that can make this position more difficult than it seems. For example, setters should always deliver clean balls for their team to score.

If this player accidentally sets the volleyball too low or too high, the striker’s hit will be affected. Additionally, they have to constantly examine the opponent’s court to find defensive flaws. After that, they need to quickly choose the striker that’s best positioned to hit the ball.

Lastly, they have to be aware of not committing faults. One of the most common mistakes in volleyball is the carry, which is accidentally grabbing or throwing the volleyball. Since they touch the ball in every play, they are more prone to committing this fault.


A defender or a blocker is a player whose main objective is to block the opponent’s attacks. They often try to reflect the volleyball into the opponent’s side of the court by performing a block. If the ball still gets through, they need to quickly pass the ball to a teammate.

Lastly, they are responsible for covering the area where opposing strikers can attack. For example, if the rivals have a strong striker, the defender’s goal is to anticipate his movements and never let him comfortably hit the ball.

Defender or blocker in volleyball


This player is responsible for serving the ball at the start of each play.

Since a great serve can highly affect the opponent, this is an important role inside of the court. Additionally, a good server can ace, which is scoring a point directly from the serve.


The spikers are the most offensive players inside of the court.

Their main objective is to attack the ball and send it towards the ground on the opponent’s side of the court. An effective striker can convert many of the setter’s passes into points for his team.


The liberos are a defense-only position that is in charge of receiving and saving the ball.

Their main objective is to not let the volleyball touch the ground on their side of the court. A good libero will cover their teammates from balls that may be out of their reach.

Why Are Setters Considered the Most Important Position?

Although all players are essential to a good team, setters are key to their correct functioning. Here’s why setters are often considered the most important position:

  • Without this player, the hitters would not be able to correctly perform their attacks. In other words, the team will have a lot of problems when it comes to scoring points.
  • If you had a bad setter alongside a great hitter, the hitter would not be able to score many points.
  • If you had a great setter alongside a bad spiker, the team would be able to perform better attacks despite the hitter’s poor performance.
  • A good setter will watch their hitters and learn how they play. This way, they can set balls that are perfect for each one of the attackers.
  • This player controls the strategies of the team. The setter decides how the team is going to attack.
Setter in volleyball

Related Questions

What Is the Easiest Position in Volleyball?

Even though all roles have great difficulty, the libero is considered the easiest position in volleyball. Since they cannot attack nor serve the ball, the libero position is not as physically demanding as the others.

What Is the Most Important Skill in Volleyball?

Out of all skills in volleyball, the most important one is considered to be passing. If you cannot effectively pass the ball to your teammates, then your team is not going to be able to defend or attack.


Volleyball is a team game in which all positions are essential when it comes to defending and attacking the ball. Though, some of them have a much more decisive role inside of the court.

Alfonso Andrade is an avid sportsman, growing up playing soccer and volleyball. He is a coach and sports analyst, studying the game to analyze performance and help create improvement.