What Shoes Are Good for Volleyball?

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You can get away with playing volleyball barefoot but only for beach volleyball. Regular indoor volleyball requires you to be flexible and make some intensive moves with your feet. This puts a lot of strain on your feet which is why playing barefoot or with inappropriate footwear is only asking for injury. 

If you want to improve your game in volleyball, you should practice and work on your craft. You also need to wear the right volleyball gear for you to improve and avoid injuries. 

Wear the right volleyball knee pads, use the right clothing, and wear the right shoes. You minimize any injuries and be comfortable when playing volleyball. 

Learn what shoes are good for volleyball

What Shoes are Good for Volleyball?

Shoes withOffer
Great cushioningShock absorption
Good soleGreat traction (mobility)
Low weightFaster actions

Indoor volleyball commonly uses hardwood, synthetic, and rubberized surfaces that perfectly match the volleyball game style. Because of this, you want to wear volleyball shoes offer engineered performance for jumping, lateral movement support, secured fit, and cushion for protection. This is to avoid injuries and improve performance. 

Volleyball shoes are specialized for this type of court. They are designed to give you the best support, comfort, and traction you require for a volleyball game. Volleyball is a fast paced game. 

The Nike Unisex-Adult Precision III is my top recommended shoe for playing volleyball:

If you don’t have volleyball shoes, here are some things you need to look for in the shoes you’re going to use for volleyball. 

Support and Cushioning

The inner sole of your shoes should provide good support and cushion. Having padded and cushioned forefoot and rear footpads is an added bonus. These features are great for longer use such as whole-day tournaments where your feet will spend a long time on your shoes. 

The midsole should be able to absorb the shock of impact from jumping, diving, and lateral motions. The midsole should also be strong and flexible at the same time to provide a balance of performance and support. 


Volleyball players need to move fast around the court and accelerate in multiple directions. Shoes with great stability are very useful. 

Having to make quick directional changes is common in volleyball. You will chase the ball wherever it goes whether moving forward, backward, or sideways. This movement is prone to sprains and injuries. Your ankles and feet require twisting motions to execute the moves. 

Women in blue volleyball attire resting in the court

Shoes with great stability lessen the chances of injury from happening. However, most shoes only offer stability for forwarding movements and not lateral ones. This can be a disadvantage for volleyball. 

Your shoes should also have great traction for an excellent grip. You make quick stops and change of directions. 


All the fast-paced game of volleyball will make your feet hot and sweaty. Shoes with breathability and enough flow of air will keep your feet dry. 

If you don’t have breathable shoes, you’ll produce more sweat and will lead to smelly shoes that can lead to a reduction in performance because of self-consciousness. Keep your feet cool so you’ll feel comfortable and perform with confidence. 

Weight and Durability

Your shoes should be lightweight so they won’t slow you down as you perform quick and fast movements. However, they shouldn’t compromise on stability and durability. 

Heavy shoes aren’t preferred in volleyball. Your feet will tire out quickly from the added weight while doing extensive movements on your feet. 

Design and Fit

Your shoes should also be the right fit. As mentioned earlier, volleyball involves a lot of quick stop and directional changes. Too loose shoes can cause your feet to slide over causing sprains or worse injuries. Too tight and you’ll have blisters or sore toes. 

If you have wider feet, make sure you buy a pair of volleyball sneakers that were designed with wide feet in mind. Otherwise, you feet will get uncomfortable, and pivoting on the court will be tough.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about good shoes for volleyball.

Do You Need Special Shoes for Volleyball?

No, volleyball does not require special shoes other than volleyball shoes. After all, they are already developed for optimal performance.

Though, if you want to, you can wear different sorts of shoes as long as you feel comfortable enough with them. On the other hand, if you play competitively, it is recommended that you use volleyball shoes.

What Shoes Do Professional Volleyball Players Wear?

Volleyball players often use Asics, Mizuno, Nike, and Adidas shoes. These three companies have been making high-quality volleyball shoes for many years. This is why they are commonly used by professional volleyball players.

For instance, one of the most used shoes by professionals are the Mizuno Wave Momentum 2s.

Do Volleyball Shoes Make a Difference?

Yes, after all, volleyball shoes are designed exclusively for volleyball play. Some volleyball shoe elements that are intended to help your gameplay are not found in other types of shoes.

They offer good traction on sparkling hardwood or other indoor volleyball courts. Additionally, they offer superior ankle support. This is because volleyball players frequently jump to defend or attack.


When it comes to volleyball, the shoes are an essential part that allows players to have greater mobility and comfort. Therefore, it is important for you to learn which kind of shoes to pick.

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