What to Put In Your Volleyball Bag

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When you are a volleyball player, you might need to have a backpack prepared with the most essential objects. If you are indecisive on what to put in your volleyball bag, you will need to learn and dig deeper into what are the volleyball’s indispensable items.

What to Put In Your Volleyball Bag

Preparing a volleyball backpack with all of your items might sound easy, however, it could be tricky. After all, if you forget to pack something, it could be really inconvenient for you. For example, if you forget to bring a good pair of shoes, you won’t be able to play comfortably.

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On top of that, learning about the items that all volleyball players should have could allow you to feel more prepared. There are certain objects that can make your experience much more enjoyable, such as a pair of headphones to use before an upcoming match.

Finally, keep in mind that you can put anything you want inside your bag; it is yours after all. You may bring any object that may assist you in relaxing or playing more comfortably, as long as it is permitted by the rules. If you want to pack a plushie for good luck, go for it.


The first and most important thing you need is to pack your volleyball shoes. If you are not currently wearing them when you are on the way to the court, they are the first thing you need to put inside of your backpack. After all, you wouldn’t be able to play without a good pair of shoes.

On top of that, you can take precautions by packing two pairs of shoes, this way you are prepared for an emergency. For example, if your first pair unexpectedly breaks, you will have another pair available.

Also, if it happens to one of your teammates, you could help them by handing them your emergency pair of shoes. This could be highly convenient if you are about to play a match and there is no time to search for other footwear.

Knee Pads

Getting knee pads inside of your bag is the next most essential thing you need to do. These are protective wear that might allow you to enhance your performance inside of the court while also avoiding injuries. Here you can see the benefits of using knee pads.

  • They protect your joints and stabilize your stance. This is quite important in order to avoid important injuries to the knee.
  • It protects your knee from receiving direct hits. When you are playing volleyball, you might have to throw yourself to the ground a lot of times during a match, especially if you are a libero. Therefore, you need to protect your knee from those hits.
  • It allows your knees to stay warmed up and ready to go. This is because, if the muscles and joints from your knees get cold, you might have trouble with your performance.
  • It improves the blood circulation of your legs. This is a great feature that allows you to play better and prevents injuries.
  • It helps you recover from injuries. If you have had a bad injury in the past, a knee brace can help you develop and heal.

Ankle Braces

Getting your ankle braces is also very important. Just like the knee braces, these can help you avoid injuries and improve your game. One of its many benefits is to prevent your ankle from getting sprained or severely injured. After all, this is a pretty common injury in volleyball.

Food and Water

Your diet before, after, and even during the match is quite important, which is why you should pack some snacks and a couple of bottles of water. This way you can have a little snack before going into the game (such as fruits or granola bars), and drink as much water as you like.

This will keep your body fit and ready for any intense volleyball gameplay. After all, if you are dehydrated your muscles could cramp, which could be extremely inconvenient if it happened in the middle of a match.

Uniform, Warm-up Clothes, and Accessories

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As obvious as it might sound, packing your uniform and warm-up clothes is really important if you are traveling with your team. It is always important to remember this, after all, there are many players who can forget this simple, yet, essential clothing.

Since you won’t be able to play a match without your uniform, this is why you should always be your top priority. On top of that, you need to remember the accessories you constantly use. For example, if you have long hair, you have to pack something to tie your hair up.

Things like headbands, sleeves, and even mouthguards are permitted to be used inside of a volleyball court, therefore, you can bring them with you.

Towels and Hygiene Products

Before and after an intense game, you should have a bath and take care of your body. After all, this can improve your mental, and physical health, which can, ultimately, enhance the way you play. Therefore, you need to pack towels, deodorants, and other hygiene items.

On top of that, warm baths can help you relax and recover your muscles and joints, which can help you prevent injuries. On the other hand, you can also do an ice bath, which is usually done when the coldest water you could get at the moment (or a tub filled with ice).

This type of shower reduces physical swelling and may reduce muscle soreness, which can help you move much more comfortably.


If you are about to play a friendly match with your teammates, you can bring your own volleyball and use it. However, you can only do this if your bag is big enough to carry it; not all backpacks can fit a whole volleyball in them.

Energy Drinks and Protein

Just like you should bring food and water, you should also pack some energy drinks and protein snacks. These will allow you to keep your energy during the game, and it could mark a difference between you and your rivals.

Having a mid-game snack is pretty common, in fact, some teams slice a couple of oranges and eat them during the break. This allows them to raise their energy and avoid getting too tired.

Extra Supplies

Pack additional supplies such as athletic tape, money, socks, underwear, and even face masks. These can be used in an emergency or for everyday use in different kinds of situations.

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about volleyball bags

What Shouldn’t I Put In My Volleyball Bag?

Pointy things or items that are too heavy to carry should not be packed inside your backpack. This would only damage your bag and make it harder to carry, especially if you put heavy items in it. This might also cause back pain, which is quite inconvenient.

How Big Should a Volleyball Be?

When it comes to the size of your bag, it depends on how many items you would like to carry to each one of your games. If you like to keep it simple, you can use a small backpack; if not, you can use a bigger bag where you can fit as many things as you want.


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When it comes to volleyball matches, you will need to travel a lot with your team, therefore, you need to prepare a good backpack. The items you pack in it will help you have good performance inside of the court, and even prevent you from having injuries.

Alfonso Andrade is an avid sportsman, growing up playing soccer and volleyball. He is a coach and sports analyst, studying the game to analyze performance and help create improvement.