Which Badminton Racket Is Best for Smash?

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If you are slowly getting into badminton, chances you’re asking yourself which badminton racket is best for smash. Smash is probably the first thing beginners want to learn with their badminton racket. There are a lot of different badminton rackets and I will help you choose one for you.

Which Badminton Racket Is Best for Smash?

The Yonex Badminton Racket Muscle Power Series is the best badminton you can use for performing smashes. It’s also great for beginners. Its high-quality frame has been specifically designed to help you improve your smash.

Yonex Badminton Racket Muscle Power Series

Made by one of the most popular badminton racket brands, Yonex, the Muscle Power Series provides a lot of features that you would love in a badminton racket. This badminton racket is great both for beginners and advanced level players of badminton. 

The Muscle Power Series is designed to deliver powerful shots and easiness in your swings. It’s especially great for smashing. 


One of the most notable things in the Muscle Power Series is its weight. It has a weight class of 2U that puts it between 90 – 95 grams. It’s slightly heavier than most badminton rackets. However, it is beneficial for smashing as you can put more weight and power into your smashes. 

The Yonex muscle power series has a medium flex rating which puts it in the middle of flex rating compared to other badminton rackets. Having it in the middle is great for beginners. Too much flex and you find the badminton racket hard to control. Too stiff and it feels uncomfortable and unresponsive on your hands. 

Which badminton racket is best for smash

The weight grip size is G4 which is a standard for Yonex badminton rackets. The smaller the number the larger the grip size. The weight grip weighs around 105 grams. 


The frame consists of aluminum while the shaft is a combination of graphite and carbon fiber. It has great durability and it will last you for years if you handle it properly. 

The Muscle Power Series reduces stress and fatigue with their string configuration design and contact friction. The strings of the Muscle Power rackets are closer together compared to other rackets which give you more surface area to generate power for a smash. 

The frame is also 30% larger compared to other badminton rackets. It’s great for beginners and a great way to build strength for smashing as it’s generally heavier than most badminton rackets. 


There are a lot of features that you get from the Muscle Power Series which makes it a great badminton racket for smash.

Isometric Technology

Yonex’s Isometric technology design increases the sweet spot by 7%. The square shape Isometric badminton racket generates a larger sweet spot through optimization of the intersection of the main and cross strings. It provides you with better control without compromising power. 

Excellent Durability

The build quality of the Muscle Power Series ensures its durability. Aluminum as the main material will give you a lot of years of usage. The frame is also well-made and for as long as you handle it properly it will have longer usage.

Excellent for Smash

The heavier build design compared to other badminton rackets gives you more power in your smashes. The string design allows you to generate more power for a better smash. 

Improved Accuracy

The larger frame allows for a bigger area for shuttlecock to hit on. While this allows for better accuracy, you will also be holding a heavier racket. It’s a great practice for strength as when you hold a lighter racket it would feel much lighter and smashing much better. 

Player about to do a smash move on a badminton court


HeavyPoor shooting
Lacks agilityLack of power
Might be hard to handleUncomfortability

Despite a lot of pros the Muscle Power Series also has its problems. 

Not for Experienced Players

Most professional badminton players like Raj Ouseph use lighter rackets. They spend most of their time training and building strength that they prefer using lighter ones to be more agile since they don’t lack power. 

The Muscle Power Series is on the heavier side so most experienced players prefer using other options. If you are an experienced badminton player competing in competitive tournaments then this badminton racket isn’t recommended. 

May Be Too Heavy for Your Comfort

Some people complain that the Muscle Power Series is too heavy for their liking. If you are not used to handling a heavy badminton racket you might find it uncomfortable at first. However, it’s also a great starting badminton racket to train your body with. 

Which Brand is Best for Badminton Racket?

Yonex is one of the most renowned and reputable brands of badminton rackets. They have different badminton rackets catered to beginners and for professional badminton players. Yonex badminton rackets are great for:

  • smashing
  • stability, and
  • speed

Yonex is only followed closely by its competitor, Carlton. They are famous to produce durable and excellent quality badminton rackets. 

Related Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about badminton rackets for smash.

Are Lightweight Rackets Good for Smashing?

Yes, lightweight rackets are good for smashing. These provide you with an enhanced speed, which improves your smash. On top of that, it helps you learn the proper technique without any resistance.

Are Flexible Rackets Good for Smashing?

Yes, since flexible rackets can help you hit stronger shots, they are good for smashing. Also, these rackets are great for defending smashes. This is because the flexibility creates a bit of time where you can control the shuttle.

Which Badminton String Is Best for Smashing?

When it comes to strings, one of the most popular among elite players is the Yonex BG80 Power. This one generates a lot of power, which helps you deliver a stronger smash.


If you want a badminton racket best for smashing then the Yonex Muscle Power Series is a good start. They are great for beginners and have features that help you improve your smashing abilities.

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