How to Be a Good Setter in Volleyball

A woman in a ponytail wearing a colorful sports bra is tossing the volleyball near a yellow net in the beach volleyball game

All successful volleyball teams have one thing in common. They all have a good setter who helps a volleyball team to organize attacks. It’s the main responsibility of a setter to set the ball for hitters so that they can carry out successful hits and earn points. In this article, we’ll discuss the best tips …

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Best Socks for Volleyball [2022 Review]

A volleyball player in a gray shirt and black shorts wearing white socks and green shoes fixing her black knee pad while seated on the court

Regarding comfort during a game, socks are one of the most important yet, overlooked clothes in volleyball. After all, your feet can get irritated if you wear a lousy pair of socks. This is why you need to find out the best volleyball socks. Our Top Volleyball Sock Recommendations When picking socks to play volleyball, …

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What Is a Badminton Racket Made Of?

Badminton racket on the grass with shuttlecocks

A badminton racket is a piece of equipment that is used to hit the shuttlecock. It has a long handle, and the head of the racket is called the “face”. The size of rackets can vary depending on their intended use. What Is a Badminton Racket Made Of? Badminton rackets are made of made from …

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Indoor Soccer vs Outdoor Soccer [Comprehensive Guide]

A soccer match in a stadium

​​Two of the most popular styles of the sport that many consider are indoor soccer vs outdoor soccer. While both involve the same basic soccer rules and skill sets, the two styles are different. We walk you through the similarities and differences between outdoor and indoor soccer and highlight the advantages of each one. ​An …

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What Is a Shank in Volleyball?

A man wearing a blue jersey and red shorts with a gray cap mishit the volleyball on the beach

Experienced volleyball players often use words that could be confusing to beginners. If you’re interested in this, you might want to learn what a volleyball shank is, along with other similar terms. What Is a Shank in Volleyball? In volleyball, a shank refers to a player’s mishit of the ball, which either sends it out …

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How Many Innings Are There in Volleyball?

Women playing volleyball one player tries to block the tri-colored ball in a set on an indoor volleyball court

Volleyball has a lot of rules and terms that might be difficult to understand. If you are curious about this, you might wonder how many innings are played in volleyball, and when this rule was implemented. How Many Innings Are There in Volleyball? In current volleyball, there are no innings. However, when the sport was …

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Best Elbow Pads for Volleyball [2022 Review]

A man wearing a maroon shirt and a black elbow pad on his right elbow standing in a park

Your elbows, in particular, can become damaged from playing volleyball daily. If you are recovering from an injury or simply want to protect your elbows, you should find out about the best elbow pads for volleyball. Our Top Volleyball Elbow Pads Recommendations You should buy the elbow pads most beneficial to your body when it …

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The Best Soccer Defenders of All Time

Cafu soccer player wearing his number two jersey while in a soccer game

Defenders are one of the most overlooked positions on the field. Without the glory of a goal—and hopefully not with the shame of an own goal—defenders often are shunned to the side when it comes to the spotlight. However, an off-the-line clearance can be a game changer as a last-minute goal. Since defense is such …

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How to Get Fit For Soccer

Two women soccer players running to kick the soccer ball

An essential aspect of soccer is fitness. You need a high amount of endurance to last 90 minutes on a field, transitioning between jogging to sprinting at full speed. As a dynamic sport that requires strength, explosive power, and cardiovascular fitness, soccer also demands a balance between athleticism and creativity. Getting fit for soccer varies …

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Soccer Through Ball Drills for Practice

Man preparing to kick the soccer ball

A soccer through ball drill is a drill that involves using the ball to move through players and defenders. This drill is a good option for teams that want to improve their ball control and passing. Soccer through ball drills help players improve their dribbling skills. Soccer Through Ball Drills A through ball is when you …

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How Is a Block Used in Volleyball?

Player blocking the ball

When you start your journey as a volleyball player, you might wonder how a block is used in volleyball. While this is a basic move, it has many details that shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, defending might be more rich and complicated than it seems. How Is a Block Used in Volleyball? In volleyball, a …

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What Is a Bump in Volleyball?

Woman bumping a volleyball

Bumping a volleyball is an essential move that has a lot of influence in every game. If you’re a beginner in this sport, you might wonder what is a bump in volleyball, and how to master this technique. What Is a Bump in Volleyball? A bump is the most basic way to pass in volleyball. …

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