What Is a Good Hitting Percentage in Volleyball

A volleyball player spiking th ball over the net

The hitting percentage is one of those statistics kept under a close track for the analysis of the game. Calculating the hitting percentage is essential for the coaches and other officials during the game to improve their gameplay in the future. Now the question arises what is a good hitting percentage in volleyball. What Is …

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What Is a Double Hit In Volleyball

A volleyball reaching for the ball over the net

While watching a volleyball game, you might have seen that the referee calls out the players several times for several penalties. A double hit is one of those penalties. Thus to avoid this penalty, it is essential to understand what is a double hit in volleyball. What Is a Double Hit In Volleyball? Double hits …

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How to Dig In Volleyball

Volleyball player doing the dig

A volleyball game cannot be won by just depending upon the attackers of the team. The defensive play is as crucial as the attacking on the court. Thus, it is imperative for each team to learn about how to dig in volleyball, as this will give them recovery from the spikes from the opposite side …

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How to Increase Your Vertical Jump For Volleyball

A volleyball player doing a jump serve with high vertical

If you are pursuing volleyball or aspire to pursue volleyball in the future, you need to start working on your vertical jumps from the beginning. This article will share some daily exercises and routines with you, focusing on how to increase your vertical jump for volleyball. How to Increase Your Vertical Jump For Volleyball? It …

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What Is Rally Scoring In Volleyball

A volleyball player jumping for the ball to hit towards the opposite team

The volleyball scoring system has been changed to rally scoring, and the complexities of the system have led to the question of what is rally scoring in volleyball. In addition, the change in the system has left the audience confused about the methodology used and scoring parameters. What Is Rally Scoring In Volleyball? The term …

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How to Spike a Volleyball

Two volleyball players with one about to spike

If you are in high school and aspiring to become an attacker in your volleyball team, it is time to understand how to spike a volleyball. To become an attacker, you need to learn some special arm and foot actions to make a perfect spike. How to Spike a Volleyball To make your spike a …

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Volleyball Terms

Volleyball players jumping with hand over the net

If you are determined to pursue volleyball professionally, it is essential to be aware of the foundational understanding of the sport in general. Once you are aware of the rules, you need to move on to the volleyball terms to dive deep into the sport.  Volleyball Terms Keeping up with the technology might seem challenging, …

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Volleyball Rules

People in sports attire playing volleyball in a field

Volleyball is one of the most beloved sports in the United States of America, and thus if you are unaware of the volleyball rules, it can be a frustrating experience whenever a game is on. Therefore, it is essential to familiarize yourself with volleyball rules before going to the trial rounds at your school if …

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What Is Peppering in Volleyball?

Volleyball team practicing in pairs

Peppering refers to the off-court practicing technique in Volleyball. Like in Football or Cricket, where players net practice before the game, peppering in volleyball helps players come into action. Pepper is a get-to-go tool to improve your volleyball skills. This guide shares information on what is peppering in volleyball that will help you understand the …

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What Is a Libero in Volleyball

A libero player saving the volleyball

Initially originated in the USA, today volleyball has turned out to be one of the most popular sports across the globe. With just six players on each side, the game marks a wholesome package of sportiness and emotions. While watching the game, you might have noticed a player wearing a different jersey from his teammates. …

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How to Teach Volleyball Serve

Volleyball player raising her right hand to serve the ball

Service is a fundamental part of Volleyball. But, teaching how to do it correctly can be a tiring and challenging process, especially for beginners. This is because maintaining the body weight and serving without being injured comes from practice. Don’t worry! Here is a step-by-step guide on how to teach volleyball serve using apt techniques …

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How to Set a Volleyball

A set refers to an immediate second contact by another player on the Volleyball. This is done to avoid the ball falling into one’s court while passing it on to the opponent team. However, getting a set right comes from constant practice and confidence. Can anyone master this? Yes! All you need to do is …

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